Flight of the Navigator

A little boy named David, goes out into the woods, and falls down into a ravine. He wakes up and discovers that he is in the future. So, he goes back home, but nobody is there that he recognizes. He eventually finds his parents, which are visibly older now, especially his brother, who is a lot older now. He then finds a spaceship in a nearby hanger and a robot inside the ship that operates it. It recognizes David and takes him on a trip around the world. David eventually decides that he can't stay in the future anymore and asks the robot to take him back to 1978. The robot agrees and takes him back.

Continuity mistake: As David and the ship are leaving the NASA hanger, the straps that are holding the ship down start to break. From the shot outside the ship, you can plainly see the straps hanging on the front off the ship, but from inside the ship looking out the front "viewscreen" you see a clear picture, with no straps obstructing the view.


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Max: I crashed into electrical towers and my star charts were erased. I need the ones in your head to complete my mission.
David: So you need me and my inferior brain to fly that thing?
Max: Correction, I need the superior information in your inferior brain to fly this... thing.

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Trivia: The small friendly Puckmarin alien was designed to resemble a bat.


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Question: Paul Ruebens does the voice of Max but why in the credits does it say that the voice of Max was done by Paul Mall?

Answer: According to IMDB, Paul Mall is just another one of his names people know him by.

Sir William

Answer: It was Paul Reubens' idea to use a pseudonym, so as to keep the voice of Max a mystery and to surprise any fans of his.


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