Fire Down Below

Revealing mistake: When Taggart is in the mine and escapes from the baddies, he jumps from right to left. Seagal's stunt is noticeable.


Revealing mistake: During the fighting scene outside the general store, Taggart hits one of the bad guys square on the nose two different times. After the second time, when the man is lying on the ground saying "Oh, my nose!", his hand's supposed to be holding his nose in pain but instead his hand is up around his forehead instead (his arm sort of blocks this but you can still see it).

Fire Down Below mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the Mack truck is trying to run Taggart off the road, the scenery on the copilot's window is an obvious chroma: first, it doesn't match the wide shots (bright green background vs cloudy and dull); second, it is repeated a couple of times. Also, when Taggart's car is cornered next to a mountain, the close-up shows a blue background.


Other mistake: In the scene where Taggart is giving the lady a ride to her home, they're driving down a curvy road, sunlight coming through the trees, etc. This same footage is used later when Taggart is being pursued and battered by the semi.

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