Fire Down Below

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the town folk are having an outdoor festival, Steven Seagal is invited to play with the band. An older gentleman hands him a guitar with nylon string tuners (open headed classical type) but when he takes it from him, it is a Steel string Martin Acoustic (solid headed flat top) guitar.

Other mistake: In the scene where Taggart is giving the lady a ride to her home, they're driving down a curvy road, sunlight coming through the trees, etc. This same footage is used later when Taggart is being pursued and battered by the semi.

Visible crew/equipment: When Seagal first has dinner at the lady's house, her brother comes home. Seagal leaves, then the brother and sister have an argument. She dashes up to her room and closes the door. Notice on the floor just inside her bedroom door is a small oval-shaped can see the movement of the camera and operator in it as she enters the room, but it's real quick.

Continuity mistake: When the Mack truck is trying to run Taggart off the road, the driver's side windshield gets shattered. Taggart kicks it out along with the metal center post. In the following outside views the center post is back, and in one shot the windshield is still intact.


Continuity mistake: Seagal's fight scenes are so choppy and badly edited that he is rarely shown starting and completing a move. In the first fight outside the general store, the local workers come at him even after they can see he is holding a 2 x 4. In the last fight scene in the pool room, he brings the same bad guy down twice with the same pool cues.

Continuity mistake: One scene involves Seagal being chased by a truck with the purpose of running Seagal off the road. Segal is driving a pick up truck and every time it gets hit by the huge truck it damages Seagal's vehicle, but every scene is different. The window of Seagal's truck is shattered once or twice and then in a front shot is intact. then a part of the windshield is broken, but then is OK, and then broken again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack Taggart takes Cotton to the doctor's office, his truck door sign reads Hanner Coal Company. The door sign has read Appalachian Relief Mission in all other scenes.

Continuity mistake: Near the end where the bad guys gang up on Seagal in the big cave under the mountain, all the bad guys not killed by Seagal can't escape, and die in the explosion. Seagal finds his way out using a passage that ends in a large 'doorway' in the mountain. He just walks out, and you can see cars parked near this exit. How come the locals wouldn't know about this passageway?

Other mistake: In the beginning of the show when the snakes are in the white pick-up truck, the guys jump out of the truck and it hits a police car. The guy that rolls away from the car as it gets struck by the truck is already lying on the ground when his car gets hit.


Continuity mistake: When the 18-wheeler bumps repeatedly into the back of Seagal's little pickup, the force would have spun it around and/or demolished it right on the highway. Not merely a small dent and a push forward.

Revealing mistake: When Taggart is in the mine and escapes from the baddies, he jumps from right to left. Seagal's stunt is noticeable.


Continuity mistake: Taggart puts a gun inside a cop's mouth and his left hand around his neck. Depending on the shot, the hand disappears and reappears randomly.


Continuity mistake: When Sarah is in the grocery store, she is handed one grocery bag with her purchases. In the next scene where she is walking home and Jack asks her if she wants a ride, there are two grocery bags in her cart.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Taggart goes to the casino room behind the mirror and shoots Orin Sr., the girl standing behind Orin is on the left, but when Orin gets shot and falls to the floor, the girl is holding his head and she is now on the right.


Revealing mistake: During the fighting scene outside the general store, Taggart hits one of the bad guys square on the nose two different times. After the second time, when the man is lying on the ground saying "Oh, my nose!", his hand's supposed to be holding his nose in pain but instead his hand is up around his forehead instead (his arm sort of blocks this but you can still see it).

Fire Down Below mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the Mack truck is trying to run Taggart off the road, the scenery on the copilot's window is an obvious chroma: first, it doesn't match the wide shots (bright green background vs cloudy and dull); second, it is repeated a couple of times. Also, when Taggart's car is cornered next to a mountain, the close-up shows a blue background.


Jack Taggert: Let's face it, I don't believe in authority.

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