Fire Down Below
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Jack Taggert: I was told somebody's dumped some dangerous toxic waste down here. I wanted to see if I could come down and stop it.

Jack Taggert: I think you really deserve to suffer.

Earl Kellogg: Someone once asked my daddy how far down Hell was and he said, "Just a quarter mile."

Orin Hanner Sr.: You're violating my constitutional rights.
Jack Taggert: Mr. Hanner, I promise you, as sure as you stand here now, I'm gonna show you a new meaning to the word "violation."

Pimple: You better leave my friend alone or I'm gonna have to properly educate you on how beat the shit outta somebody.

Orin Hanner Sr.: So, I guess that makes killing you free.
Jack Taggert: Well, it would be free if you could.

Jack Taggert: I think, Junior, if your daddy knew how stupid you were, he'd trade you in for a pet monkey.

Jack Taggert: Let's face it, I don't believe in authority.

Jack Taggert: Is this kind of like Deliverance or something?

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the town folk are having an outdoor festival, Steven Seagal is invited to play with the band. An older gentleman hands him a guitar with nylon string tuners (open headed classical type) but when he takes it from him, it is a Steel string Martin Acoustic (solid headed flat top) guitar.

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