Ninja In The Dragon's Den

Continuity mistake: When Jen Moo ambushes Fukoda in his house, he kicks part of the waterwheel's gear against him, jamming it solid and pushing him through the wheel into the river. But in subsequent scenes, the wheel turns again, and it is completely undamaged.

Continuity mistake: During the entry scene, the ninja jump through a small door in a cliff-face into the water below. They come through the door one at a time, but the first two land in the water together.

Continuity mistake: During the intro scenes, eight ninja run the parcour. When they scale the wall with their hand-claws, there are suddenly just six, and when they run down the steps in the forest, they suddenly number eight again.

Continuity mistake: When Leong Kit throws his ball and Jen Moo attaches his explosive charge, he has to bend back to do the job, since the ball bounces back low. But Leong Kit catches it at chest level, whereas - judging by the angle the ball was returning - the ball should be headed for his groin.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene when Chee makes his remark about feminity being the best weapon, Ching and Jen Moo simultaneously execute a flying kick against him. But when Chee starts talking, both fighters are just about ten feet away from him; but their running starts come from a longer distance - at no point do they step backwards.

Continuity mistake: When Ching employs the black-and-white sheet, in some scenes he spreads it across his back before he blends in with the walls. But he gets ready to ambush Jen Moo holding the sheet spread out on his front side without revealing himself while changing hold and position.

Continuity mistake: Leong Kit's son ties a headband around his hair before he starts his demonstration at the restaurant. In the first shot, his hair is held tight by the band, but when he starts his exercises, it suddenly overlaps the band.

Continuity mistake: When Jen Moo darkens the trap room, Ching drops the last lamp into a vase to prevent it from being extinguished. But in that shot, he grabs the lamp, raises his arm, the light in his hand just winks out, and the vase suddenly lights up. A falling lamp is nowhere in sight.

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