Ninja In The Dragon's Den

Trivia: The 'torpedo-digging' trick Jen Moo uses in the final fight is a standard trick of all Hong Kong ninja movies made in the 80's.

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Trivia: When Chee nearly falls off the temple pagoda on his falling line, a melody is brought in which was used for certain action scenes in 'Raiders of The Lost Ark'.

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Trivia: The stilt-walking actors at the festival portray the Ba Xian, the mythological Eight Immortals: Li T'ieh-kuai ('iron-crutch Li'); Chungli Ch'uan (the war man with the fan); feminine Lan Ts'ai-ho (patron of florists); old man Chang Kuo-lao; Ho Hsien-ku (the only true woman; also depicted with flowers or peaches); Lu Tung-pin the sword-wielding scholar; Han Hsiang-tzu the flute player; and Ts'ao Kuo-ch'iu, patron of actors.

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