Ninja In The Dragon's Den

Revealing mistake: Jen Moo cuts off the God Skills monk's ear, but as Ching picks it up, it strangely shows no opening for the ear canal.

Revealing mistake: When Fukuda/Uncle Foo unearths his ninja weapons cache, he pulls his katana half out of its sheath. you can easily see the glass panel sliding with the handguard to make the blade gleam in the light.

Revealing mistake: When Jen Moo returns for Uncle Foo and Ching, and Chee makes him jump into the pool filled with flaming oil, it is quite obvious that only part of the surface was actually flammable. If the pool was filled entirely with oil, the entire surface would be ablaze, but there was water in it to enable the stuntman to survive.

Revealing mistake: When the God Skills Society display their skills at the restaurant, a portable bench gets chopped through by a sword. But the corner that gets cut off hangs only on by a small splinter, and there is a seam already visible (the shot is really short, though, so you must look closely).

Revealing mistake: There are two scenes where the same shot - Jen Moo running through a patch of light forest - has been used. One: in the beginning, when Jen Moo rushes to his ambush site; and two: after he has tricked Ching on his house boat.

Revealing mistake: When Ching uses the two-colored cloth to trick Jen Moo,the film makers frequently made use of a white-painted wooden screen. Easy to see in the two instances when Ching sneaks up on Jen Moo or when the latter spots the holes he's burned into the cloth.

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