Ninja In The Dragon's Den

Continuity mistake: When Jen Moo ambushes Fukoda in his house, he kicks part of the waterwheel's gear against him, jamming it solid and pushing him through the wheel into the river. But in subsequent scenes, the wheel turns again, and it is completely undamaged.

Revealing mistake: Jen Moo cuts off the God Skills monk's ear, but as Ching picks it up, it strangely shows no opening for the ear canal.

Revealing mistake: When Fukuda/Uncle Foo unearths his ninja weapons cache, he pulls his katana half out of its sheath. you can easily see the glass panel sliding with the handguard to make the blade gleam in the light.

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Trivia: The 'torpedo-digging' trick Jen Moo uses in the final fight is a standard trick of all Hong Kong ninja movies made in the 80's.

Trivia: When Chee nearly falls off the temple pagoda on his falling line, a melody is brought in which was used for certain action scenes in 'Raiders of The Lost Ark'.

Trivia: The stilt-walking actors at the festival portray the Ba Xian, the mythological Eight Immortals: Li T'ieh-kuai ('iron-crutch Li'); Chungli Ch'uan (the war man with the fan); feminine Lan Ts'ai-ho (patron of florists); old man Chang Kuo-lao; Ho Hsien-ku (the only true woman; also depicted with flowers or peaches); Lu Tung-pin the sword-wielding scholar; Han Hsiang-tzu the flute player; and Ts'ao Kuo-ch'iu, patron of actors.

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