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Factual error: At what is supposed to be the Portland, Oregon station, the train cars and conductor's hat are prominently labeled for a Canadian railroad. Passenger trains from Canada do not travel as far south as Portland.

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Factual error: Even though the signs have been changed to make the stand-in airport look like Portland, Oregon, an overhead sign at the curb still lists departures for Air Pacific, Aloha and HMY Airways. None of these airlines fly to Portland.

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Factual error: When Suzanne gets in Nick's SUV the first time, she comments on his Satchel Paige bobblehead. Nick replies that Satchel was his hero since he was still pitching for the Royals at 59. Actually, Satchel Paige last pitched for the Kansas City Athletics in 1965 before they moved to Oakland.

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When the car blows up at a rest stop, when the children run to Ice Cube, the boy is on his left. However, when they turn around and sit, the boy is on his right.



In the extra features on the DVD the director is talking about looking all over the country for the kids in the cast. The little girl was actually a regular on Disney's "Out of the Box" for some time.