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Are We There Yet? (2005)

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Corrected entry: When Ice Cube is yelling at the kids in the car, Big Al is acting like he can hear him through two windows. But when Ice Cube is at the lake having a tantrum, the kids can't hear him through ONE window.

Correction: Big Al cannot hear what Nick is saying to the kids. He is simply reacting to Nick's actions and body language, which clearly shows that Nick is giving them the riot act.


Corrected entry: The yellow scratch on Nick's back right door is gone for the rest of the film after Miles hits it in the pole at the train station.

Correction: You can see the scratch quite a few times afterwards, though it does disappear at some points, it is always there. You are most likely seeing the other side of the truck.

Corrected entry: When Ice Cube grabs the little boy's juice and it squirts all over, it is purple. However, the juice is a Capri-Sun drink, and they, regardless of flavor, are always clear.

Correction: I recently spilled a Capri-Sun Red Berry all over my shirt, and it is definitely not clear.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the SUV plummets through the forest, Ice Cube gets out and throws his red and gold hat a considerable ways out into the lake, but seconds later he is seen wearing it. Also, I doubt that the air bag would not have gone off after all the turbulence the SUV had been through.

Correction: Turbulence does not trigger airbags, airbags are activated by sensors in the bumpers and some fenders. they are like contacts that when smashed together trigger the bags. There was no actual impact to bumpers/fenders to trigger the bags.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, Ice Cube says he'll drive the kid's mom to work the next day, but he never asked her what time she starts work. He'd just met her an hour or so ago, so he wouldn't know what time to come get her.

Correction: Nick knows where she works and being that he owns the shop across the street would probably know what time they open.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the two kids lock Ice Cube out of the car, if you look closely you can see the lock key-pad underneath the door handle. He could have easily unlocked the doors to get inside.

Correction: When the Navigator gets burned Cube remarks that he never even got to read the manual, therefore would not have known the "combination" to unlock the door.


Corrected entry: Regardless of the weather, you can't get electrocuted like Ice Cube did jumpstarting a car. A Car battery is DC voltage and cannot electrocute you like AC voltage can.


Correction: You most certainly CAN get electrocuted by DC current. Try holding the coil wire and have someone crank the engine. In your next life you will know the truth!


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Nick Persons: Oh Damn! Boy Didn't you hear what I just said?
Lindsey Kingston: Ooh, you just swore.
Nick Persons: Your damn right I swore, that's about $400 dollars worth of damage to my new car.
Lindsey Kingston: That's twice! Now you have to put two dollars in the swear jar.



When the car blows up at a rest stop, when the children run to Ice Cube, the boy is on his left. However, when they turn around and sit, the boy is on his right.



In the extra features on the DVD the director is talking about looking all over the country for the kids in the cast. The little girl was actually a regular on Disney's "Out of the Box" for some time.