Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? (2005)

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Continuity mistake: When the car blows up at a rest stop, when the children run to Ice Cube, the boy is on his left. However, when they turn around and sit, the boy is on his right.

Continuity mistake: When Ice Cube is giving the children money to keep them from crying, the $10 bill that he offers the boy changes from face up to face down. This happens a couple of times throughout the scene. (00:25:20)

Continuity mistake: When Kevin vomits, it shows the vomit on the windshield; a few seconds later Nick is trying to use the windshield wipers to clean it off. The next couple of frames show us a clean windshield and this is before they even pull over to clean the window.

Plot hole: Near the end, when Ice asks to say goodbye to the kids in the hotel room, the kids have on their pajamas, yet their luggage was left on the train earlier in the day. It is unlikely that they would have gone to the train station to get their belongings following the chaos of the Christmas party.

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Suggested correction: They have backpacks so their pyjamas were probably in their bags.

In a scene right after the train scene the kids tell the mom that Nick lost their luggage. The mom may have picked up some pyjamas for the kids after learning that they lost their luggage.

Continuity mistake: When Ice cube is fighting with the trucker, he and the trucker roll down a slope. In one scene they are already down the slope but then the scene changes and they are now in the middle.

Continuity mistake: After the truckers attack the navigator, Nick throws his hat down, but a second later it is back on his head.

Continuity mistake: When Ice Cube is on the train, and the kids have gotten off, he is running inside the train to keep along side of the kids standing on the outside. As the train speeds up, just before he jumps off, the camera looks back at the kids and they are standing right at the end of the line (dead end) stop. So the train would have been coming from where there was no track.

Revealing mistake: When Ice Cube is chasing the kids and is thrown from the horse, he is lying on the ground and the three dots beside his eye have suddenly switched to the other side of his face, revealing that the filmmaker flipped that scene.

Plot hole: After Ice Cube's Navigator catches on fire and blows up, he set's the alarm. But just a few minutes before he tore out the alarm horn. How can it make the "chirp" sound if the horn is gone? Plus the wires surely would have been burned up in the fire.

Continuity mistake: When Nick's Navigator is being pushed against the rail on the highway, the rear view mirror is missing and in the next shot of the rear view mirror, it is obviously back. (00:45:45 - 00:46:15)

Continuity mistake: When Kevin gives the cookie to the deer, the deer eats the cookie, but in the next side shot, the deer eats the cookie again.

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Suggested correction: Not a mistake as the next shot went to Lindsey, then back to the deer, in which Kevin seemed to be giving him another cookie.

The mistake is valid, the camera only cuts to Lindsey for a second and Nick is the one that had the bag of cookies. Not enough time for Nick to get another cookie out and hand it to Kevin so he could feed it to the deer. Plus, Kevin and Nick are in the same position.


Other mistake: When the trucker is running Ice Cube against the barrier, sparks fly out. In the next scene, there are no scratches on the side of the Navigator.

Continuity mistake: When Ice Cube sees the kids on the train he starts to run after them. While he is running he goes into a gap in a fence and his jacket rips, but later the jacket isn't ripped anymore.

Continuity mistake: Near The End when Ice Cube and the trucker are fighting on the ice, they are on a television on the inside where Nia Long is. If you look at the champagne glasses between when Nia Long's daughter comes up and when she looks at the TV, they move.


Factual error: At what is supposed to be the Portland, Oregon station, the train cars and conductor's hat are prominently labeled for a Canadian railroad. Passenger trains from Canada do not travel as far south as Portland.

Visible crew/equipment: During the wide shots of the freight train, special brackets are prominently visible underneath the door of the box car in which Ice Cube and the kids were riding. None of the otherwise identical boxcars have these brackets, which were probably used to support a removable camera during the close-up action scenes.

Factual error: Even though the signs have been changed to make the stand-in airport look like Portland, Oregon, an overhead sign at the curb still lists departures for Air Pacific, Aloha and HMY Airways. None of these airlines fly to Portland.

Continuity mistake: When Nick snatches Kevin's juice, some of it gets on Nick's face and begins to run down his cheek. However, in the next shot, the juice is gone. Nick's hands are visible throughout the scene, so he couldn't have wiped it off.

Continuity mistake: When Nick leaves the dealership in his new Navigator, the car sticker in the driver-side back window changes from being centered to being much lower by the time he parks in front of his business.

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Trivia: In the extra features on the DVD the director is talking about looking all over the country for the kids in the cast. The little girl was actually a regular on Disney's "Out of the Box" for some time.


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Question: What is the name of that stupid high voiced disco song that the girl turns on when they are in the car?


Chosen answer: It's called the "Hamster Dance Song" by Hampton the Hamster.

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