Million Dollar Baby

Trivia: The nasty Billie "The Blue Bear" is played by Lucia Rijker, a real-life boxer who is regarded as the best female fighter in the world.


Trivia: Hilary Swank was the third choice to play Maggie, after Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd both turned it down.

Trivia: In the film, Lucia Rijker who played Billie "The Blue Bear" fights Hilary Swank for the first million dollar fight in woman's boxing. Lucia Rijker is scheduled at present to fight rival Christy Martin, with the winner to be the first female boxer to win a million dollars in boxing history.

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Trivia: The "little girl in truck" is Clint Eastwood's real-life daughter, Morgan.

Trivia: Clint Eastwood won the Best Director Academy Award for this movie. At the age of 74, Eastwood became the oldest director to win an Oscar.

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