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Corrected entry: In the scene where Maggie is using saved coins because she has no other money, she dumps out the coin rolls and you can see that they are "props." The coin rolls she has are the sealed type that can only be produced by a machine and not those that are produced when you roll coins from a coin jar. She would have had to purchase the rolls directly from a bank or other vendor to achieve this and she clearly did not roll them herself.

Correction: The submitter has included the correction him/herself - Maggie bought the coin rolls "from a bank or other vendor". It is a strange thing to do, but it is possible for her to get and keep her money like this.


Corrected entry: The movie is set in the 21st century judging by the ad for 'The Apprentice' on the side of a bus in an early scene, however in the title fight when Maggie is fighting the German woman a commentator refers to Maggie's opponent as the East German champion. East Germany has not existed since 1990.

Correction: This can simply be a slip of the tongue by the commentator who may have meant to say 'Eastern Germany', just as we USA residents say 'Eastern US' without meaning it to be a separate country. He merely dropped the 'ern', perhaps because HE is an old hat who was calling fights back when there actually was an East Germany. As such, a character error, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: Frankie asks his priest about the "Immaculate Conception" questioning Jesus being born to a virgin. One would expect the priest to correct his misunderstanding of the doctrine since the Immaculate Conception refers to Mary's conception and not Jesus'. The Catholic Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception states that, unlike other people, at the time of her conception in her mother's womb, Mary's soul was not marked with the stain of Original Sin. Every other person's soul is and this stain is erased by Baptism.

Correction: The priest is fed up with Frankie. He's probably had this argument (or ones like it) many times before, and simply doesn't bother to correct him. Even priests are human, becoming ordained does not have to turn you into a fanatic about correcting certain misconceptions.

Corrected entry: The priest tells Frankie; "I have seen you come to church for 35 years and I don't know why". First Catholic priests are not ordained younger than about 25 years old, that plus the 35 years this Priest has seen Frankie come to church should make him about 60 years old at least. Also in the US priests move from one Parish to another every two to three years or 7 if he is a Pastor.

Correction: The priest actually says 23 years so it does fit within the context of the film. More importantly he only says he has seen him there for the past 23 years, not that he has seen him as a priest for the past 23 years. One could assume before he became a priest he would see Frankie in church for the time before that.

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Corrected entry: In addition to the already mentioned comments about the fact that Swank's character could have refused the ventilator, no Doctor would have amputated her leg without her consent.

Correction: This wasn't without her consent. She knew she had bad blood pooling in her leg and that it had to come off.


Corrected entry: As soon as Frankie pulled out Maggie's breathing tube, it should have triggered some kind of alarm in the nurses station. Instead he was able to talk to her for a while and inject the adrenalin. He didn't even put the breathing tube back in when he left, to hide the evidence. They certainly should have suspected foul play.

Correction: Before Frankie removes the breathing tube there is a shot of him pushing a switch on the heart monitor as to not alert the nurses when he injected the adrenalin. As for foul play, there was no doubt they would suspect that she was euthanised even if he put the tube back in. Things like the autopsy would reveal the adreanlin and the heart monitor being off would have alerted them in any case. Frankie was not seen coming in so he was just concerned about not being interrupted and that was the reason for turning the heart monitor off and leaving it off.

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Corrected entry: Late in the film, Morgan Freeman is conversing with Clint Eastwood in the gym office. There is a close-up of Freeman in which you can see his glass eye move in conjuction with his good eye. A false eye would not "move".

Correction: I don't think he has a glass eye. In fact, his iris is a different color. I think he can't see with that eye, but that's all.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hilary Swank's character is in the hospital, she speaks. A patient with a tracheotomy on a ventilator cannot speak. They could possibly whisper, but not the vocalizations we hear from this character.

Correction: A patient on a ventilator can speak on the exhale, in fact, with a fenestrated trach tube, the voice can be quite normal. The speech does get interrupted when the next breath is forced in - just like Christopher Reeve sounded during interviews. I am an ENT specialist, so I have experience with this.

Corrected entry: Clint Eastwood gets a call in the middle of the night which summons him to the hospital. By the time he gets there the medical staff are still in the middle of dealing with Maggie's suicide attempt. It seems unlikely that someone from the hospital would have called Clint that quickly or that he could have dressed and made it to the hospital in such a short time.

Correction: It says in the movie that they had already stitched her up but she managed to pull out the stitches again before Frankie arrived, which was why she was still bleeding.

Corrected entry: Clint Eastwood starts training Hilary Swank as if she were a beginner. But at the beginning of the movie, she's on the undercard of a HEAVYWEIGHT title fight. There's no way a beginner could get a shot like that without some professional success.

Correction: Actually, it was NOT a title fight. In fact, that is the whole point of the argument Frankie had with Willie, the boxer - Willie wanted a shot at a title fight, and Frankie wouldn't give him one. That's why Willie dropped Frankie as his manager, and why Frankie started training Maggie in the first place.

Corrected entry: Maggie is repeatedly told that she lost the fight. However, she would have won by default, as her opponent would have been disqualified for violating basic rules of sportsmanship in boxing.

Correction: Actually she is not told repeatedly. Frankie says it to tease her and her mom says it because she is a bitch. Her mother is manipulating her, when she is vulnerable. There is no mistake.

Corrected entry: Early on Hilary Swank describes her family to Clint Eastwood and states her mother "weighs 312 pounds". Later we meet the mother (Margo Martindale) and while she is somewhat obese she is nowhere near 300 lbs.

Correction: The keyword is "Later". We see the mother well over a year after she's described, so she's had plenty of time to follow a diet or whatever.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, Eastwood's character gives her a shot of adrenaline to stop her heart. This would cause her heart to beat extremely fast for a while before it would stop, but the heart monitor shows her heart stopping immediately.

Correction: Clint Eastwood pushes a button to stop the heart monitor working, therefore it would not change.


Corrected entry: Why don't the machines beep like crazy when she dies?

Correction: He pressed a button on the screen to turn the alarm off before he injected her.

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