The Family Man

Jack Campbell is a fast-lane investment broker. His career is on it's top. One day, his secretary leaves him a message that Kate called him. Kate was his former girlfriend. About thirteen years ago Jack was about to fly to London, leaving Kate in United States, waiting for him. But Jack has never actually returned to her. He has built up a career as a broker - he's president of P. K. Lassiter Investment House.
One day jack tells a punk on the street that he has everything he actually needs. The punk laughs. Jack wakes up the next day up next to his old girlfriend. They're married, they have got two kids. Jack in not a broker, he works as a tire salesman at Big Ed's. His Ferrari has been replaced with a mini-van. It is some sort of a parallel-universe, where Jack never actually went to London - he returned to Kate the next day.
At first, Jack hates the new situation. But after a bad start, his new life starts to be more and more nice to him, he starts to notice what he has been missing. Jack discovers that being a Family Man is not as bad as it seemed from distance.

Thomas Anderson

Continuity mistake: When Kate is eating the olives at the Christmas party it shows her with only one left. It then cuts back to Jack Campbell and when it cuts back to Kate she suddenly has two left on the toothpick.

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Annie: Do you like kids?
Jack: On a case-by-case basis.
Annie: Do you know how to make chocolate milk?
Jack: I think I could figure it out.
Annie: Promise you won't kidnap me and my brother and plant stuff in our brains?
Jack: Sure.
Annie: Welcome to earth.

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Trivia: Nicolas Cage actually owned the Ferrari 550 Maranello that he drives in this movie.

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Question: What is the ring tone on Jack Campbell's cell phone? What kind of phone does he use in the movie?

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