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Corrected entry: When Jack Campbell purchases rock salt (for $4.99), the female customer ahead of him has a bottle of Diet Coke on the counter. The angel calls out '99 cents darling' and she hands over a one-dollar bill. The angel then not only says 'out of ten' but promptly hands the female customer $ 9.01 in change. (01:38:39)

Correction: There isn't a mistake but it isn't a gift. It's a test to see if she would speak up and say that she only gave him a dollar and that he gave her too much change. That's why he says " Character. You see that? And for what, a lousy nine bucks?"

Corrected entry: When Jack first shows up in his family home and is trying to leave he runs into Kate's parents. He asks to borrow her dad's Cadillac and begrudgingly he finally gets jacked the keys, but when he runs outside he gets inside the family minivan. (00:19:15 - 00:20:25)

Correction: When Jack asks his father in law for the keys to his Cadillac, his father in law tells him no, there is a perfectly good minivan in the driveway - he grabs the keys from the key hanger and hands them to Jack.

Corrected entry: When Jack has gone to Kate's apartment, her assistant interrupts them, complaining about working for her "ex-boss" on Christmas Eve. Kate looks at her and says, "You weren't complaining when I gave you that pot of bag" instead of "bag of pot."

Correction: She says "Prada bag", not pot of bag.


Corrected entry: This DVD has the funniest outake reel I have ever seen. It is worth the price of the DVD even if you didn't like the movie.

Tiffany Fife

Correction: This is not valid trivia, it is the submitter's opinion. I rented the movie just to see the outtake reel and it's not that funny. To each his/her own.

Corrected entry: In more than one occasion, including the wedding anniversary, Jack and Kate say they've been married for 13 years. However, after they're coming back home from the mall, Kate tells Jack they got married because she was pregnant with Annie, which would make the girl at least 12 years old. Actually, she can't be more than 6 or 7.

Correction: Kate never says they got married because she was pregnant with Annie. She just says that Annie was a surprise. Even married couples can have an unplanned pregnancy.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack & Kate go out for dinner on their anniversary, Kate's hair parting keeps changing sides.

Correction: I watched the scene numerous times, and the part does not change sides - it starts just slightly left of center (her left).

Corrected entry: When Nicholas Cage goes off on Christmas morning the clock says 9.00, however later on the wife says that he left the house at 7:30am.

Correction: There is absolutely no clock in any of the scenes before Jack leaves that says 9:00 a.m. The clock and the watch on the nightstand by the bed seems to show a few minutes before 8:00.

Corrected entry: When Nicholas Cage goes back to his office after he changes to the family man. He pulls up to his office building and his is the only vehicle there. After getting kicked out of the building he gets picked up by the angel and they drive around the block. He then gets out of the angel's car, and there is a big yellow truck right behind his car with snow all over the windshield, so it's obviously been parked there for a while.

Correction: When Jack pulls in front of the office, it's a tight shot, you can only see a few feet in front and behind the car as it parks - there is no shot showing behind the car. In the subsequent scene, the yellow truck discussed is at least a car length back.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack takes Kate to dinner in the city for their anniversary, he asks for red wine by the glass and they are served white wine in the next scene.

Correction: The flute glasses are originally filled with water which you do see in the following scene. In the following scenes, they actually are drinking red wine.

Corrected entry: When Jack attends a Christmas party with his "new" wife, one of his "old" friends (I think his name was Bill) tells him that he is going to have triple bypass surgery the next day. However, 2 days later, when they go bowling, Bill is part of the team.

Correction: The bowling scene happens after they are at the mall. When the Campbells pull up to the mall there is a big sign that says January/February clearance. It's weeks later.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when Kate is packing for Paris, she is talking to her assistant about a "bag of pot". In actuality she tells her assistant a "Pot of bag".

Correction: She actually tells her something about not hearing her complain when she opened the "Prada Bag" she had given her the day before.

Factual error: In the bowling alley scene, Jack's friend tells him that Kate is well-liked in all of Union County, but in the movie, Jack and Kate live in Teaneck, which is in Bergen County.

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Jack: I'm in the middle of a deal.
Cash: Well, you're working on a new deal now, baby.

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Trivia: Nicolas Cage actually owned the Ferrari 550 Maranello that he drives in this movie.

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Question: Jack does not meet the Black mugger/angel again after returning to his former life. He wakes up in his apartment the same date he fell asleep, on Christmas. Were Jack's experiences all a dream?

Answer: More of an alternate reality. He really was living the life he'd have lived if he'd come back from his flight. The "angel" placed Jack in an alternate reality, then put him into the past in his original reality after he'd learned from his experience.


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