Fame (1980)


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Directed by: Alan Parker

Starring: Irene Cara, Eddie Barth, Laura Dean, Lee Curreri

Genres: Drama, Music

Movie Quote Quiz

Doris Finsecker: I'm about as flamboyant as a bagel.

Leroy Johnson: I told you I done it and I forgot it.
Mrs. Sherwood: My hearing is fine. Its your homework that's missing. And these couple of pages I have are unintelligible.
Leroy Johnson: Its a secret language, all right? It ain't meant for whiteys to understand.

Doris Finsecker: Everybody falls in love with their analyst! They have a word for it, don't they?
Montgomery McNeil: Yeah. Homosexual.

Doris: I hate Ralph Garci! I must remember this feeling and use it in my acting.

Shorofsky: No! No! No! Hold the bow like this! Not like this! This isn't your dick you're holding! It's a violin bow! Hold it with respect, like.
Bruno Martelli: ...Your dick?

Rocky Horror Announcer: Boy is he in for a surprise.

Montgomery McNeil: You wanna get a pizza? We could split an Angie's special - with anchovies.
Ralph: Anchovies? Man, fuck anchovies. Man, I died out there and you're talking about fucking pizza?
Montgomery McNeil: No, I'm talking about eating pizza.

Rocky Horror Announcer: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Shirley: It's just not fair. I didn't wanna come here, anyway. This school sucks. You done me a favour, shithead. You saved me four fuckin' years from this ass-lickin' school. You're lookin' at one happy lady. Who wants to go to a fuckin' school to learn to dance, anyway?

Rocky Horror Announcer: This is the show! If you don't like it, go to the one in Staten Island.

Montgomery McNeil: Never being happy isn't the same as being unhappy. Is it?

Leroy Johnson: I's young, I's single, and I loves to mingle.

Shorofsky: One man is not an orchestra.
Bruno Martelli: Who needs orchestras? You can do it all with a keyboard, an amp and enough power.
Shorofsky: You going to play all by yourself?
Bruno Martelli: You don't need anybody else.
Shorofsky: That's not music, Martelli. That's masturbation.

Continuity mistake: When Fran├žois starts talking to Coco in the cafe, the donut on her plate and items on the bar next to her keep moving between shots.

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Trivia: Director Alan Parker makes a fleeting cameo appearance. When Ralph starts his routine and says, "I'm a professional asshole", the camera moves to Coco's reaction, and then the next shot is the brief shot of Alan Parker before the camera shot moves down onto another actor. (01:41:40)


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Question: What happens to Raul's little sister that makes him so upset?

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