Fame (1980)

1 audio problem

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Directed by: Alan Parker

Starring: Irene Cara, Eddie Barth, Laura Dean, Lee Curreri

Genres: Drama, Music

Audio problem: When the guy from the Ryder truck comes over and rips one of the speakers from Bruno's father's cab, the sound being played doesn't change.


Continuity mistake: When the kids spying on the girls break the pipe, the pipe comes off of the wall. In the next shot it's fixed back on.

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Leroy Johnson: I's young, I's single, and I loves to mingle.

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Trivia: Director Alan Parker makes a fleeting cameo appearance. When Ralph starts his routine and says, "I'm a professional asshole", the camera moves to Coco's reaction, and then the next shot is the brief shot of Alan Parker before the camera shot moves down onto another actor. (01:41:40)


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Question: What happens to Raul's little sister that makes him so upset?

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