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Corrected entry: The crew sent to board the ill fated jumbo jet is in the "Remora", which is clearly a modified F-117A Stealth Fighter, but retaining the same dimensions. It would be physically impossible to fit that many people and such a spacious cargo hold into a plane that size with the engines. In fact, with the additional weight, the engines would have to be even bigger for it to operate.

Correction: Not necessarily. The real-world F-117 could carry a 5000 lb. bomb load, equivalent to 20 men of 250 lbs each. This crew of 6 men would represent a significantly lighter payload. Whether those people could fit into the original bomb bay (if that's how the plane was modified) is another question.

Corrected entry: When soldiers board the plane Steven Segal dies but the pilot ejects safely. A major part of the plot is that the pentagon doesn't know anyone survived, but wouldn't the pilot know that some soldiers survived?

Correction: Maybe the military have yet to find and retrieve the pilot of the stealth aircraft. The pilot could be a few hundred miles from the nearest ship and so until recovered, the military would have no way of confirming if the special forces unit had made it aboard the hijacked 747.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the soldiers sneak into the plane, they go through heavy turbulence. With the whole plane shaking, the main terrorist decides to go into the cockpit. On his way up he picks up an Uzi from a trolley or something. The point is that the weapon was just lying there, in perfect reach for passengers and flight attendants. Not very professional to let your guns lie around.

Correction: Professional or not, character mistake.


Corrected entry: During the final landing approach to Dulles, Virginia and subsequently go around, the aircraft was suddenly nearby to Frederick, Maryland. Why would the protagonist choose to land at FDK with a 5,000-foot runway instead of circling around again to Dulles with a 10,000-foot runway. Certainly the flight time of a circling, second approach to Dulles would be less than that to fly to FDK.

Correction: Dr. David Grant (Kurt Russell) explains very clearly why he can't circle around for another attempt at the same runway: In not so many words he says he is not an experienced pilot and knows almost nothing about flying planes, especially jumbo jets, and is unable to circle around for another attempt. The best he can manage is to turn the plane at little to line the plane up at another runway.


Corrected entry: Other than the sleeper, the only two people that know about the bomb are Hassan and Jaffa, with the hijacking of the plane being used as a smokescreen to allow Hassan to blow the bomb up over Washington D.C. We know that Hassan and Jaffa set the plan up for Jaffa to get captured so Hassan could hijack the plane. When you think about it none of this makes sense. If Hassan was going to detonate a nerve gas bomb over America and kill millions of people anyway there was no need to get Jaffa captured at all, just hijack the plane and carry out the bombing.

Correction: Hassen's own men don't know Hassen's true intention, they truly believe Jaffa was captured. With Jaffa captured, they're easier to persuade to join the cause of hijacking the plane. It seems Hassen was unsure he could recruit men for a suicide mission and thus lies to his own men. It's not a ruse to fool the American government.


Corrected entry: When Grant lunges at Damou, Louie tells Rat that Grant has him. How can Louie see what is going on when the probe he is looking into was pointed at the seat they thought the sleeper was sitting in? Also if he can move the probe to look around the cabin then why bother with the time wasting idea of using Jean to point out the seat number?

Correction: To answer the first part of your question, it is made clear in the movie that the cameras can be rotated. They are using very small probe cameras that the operator can simply rotate by hand. However, some of the cameras have obstructed views, depending on where they were trying to look. The camera that Rat was on could not see the sleeper's face, because the overhead baggage compartment was in the way. Louie's camera was overhead just a few seats behind the guy who was mistaken for Demou, but still several rows ahead of where Demou actually was. When Grant made his move for Demou, Louie simply rotated the camera and was able to see. To address your second point, they had many cameras throughout the plane. However, they did not have a clear view of all 400 passengers faces. Not to mention, they were running short on time. Furthermore, Grant told Jean that she should be looking for someone with an electronic device, which is something that the team would likely not be able to see from the probe cameras. Jean would be able to see an electronic device a lot easier as she made her way through the cabin, which she did. (it turned out to be the wrong device, but that's beside the point).


Corrected entry: When Oceanic Flight 343 finally touches down at the smaller airfield and Grant is slowing it down you can see him pull the throttles to idle then pull the reverse levers back. On a real 747 this would deploy the reverse "cans" which basically means the back part of the engine covers move towards the back of the engine to direct a good proportion of the thrust forward to slow the aircraft. During the next few shots we go from inside the cockpit with Grant wrestling with the controls, to outside the aircraft, where we see the engines go past the camera several times, wrecking the strips lights and light planes. In all of these shots the "cans" are still in the non-reverse position.

Correction: You're thinking of the reversers found on older, smaller jets like the 737-200 or DC-9 (P&W JT8D engines), where the back end of the cowling slides back to form a bucket shape. On the 747-200 (JT9D engines), the reversing mechanism is placed further forward in the engine. I just watched a video of a real 747-200 landing, and the appearance of the engines with reversers deployed is no different from what we see in the movie.

Corrected entry: In the cargo hold of any jetliner, the engine noise would be quite loud, yet the commando team is able to converse in normal tones of voice and there is no engine noise at all. In fact, there is virtually no engine noise at all on any inside part of the jet.

Correction: There is engine noise in the cargo hold, maybe not as loud as it would be but you can hear a constant rumble when the commandos are putting a plan together.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the terrorist blows himself up in the London restaurant, it is night there. This scene is shown shortly after the planes depature from a daylighted Athens. It is impossible for it to be night in London and late afternoon in Athens.

Correction: London and Athens are only one time zone apart and the plane has flown some distance from Athens before the hijacking. It is possible that the sun has set by the time the bomb explodes in London.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, why in the world is the back door open, yet no emergency chute shown? Surely, after that sort of landing, they would have used normal emergency procedures?

Correction: On 'landing', the front gear collapsed thus elevating the tail. As such the emergency chute would not have been long enough for a safe descent to the ground and not deployed.

Corrected entry: When Hassan kills the pilots at the end, he sweeps his machine gun in an arc through the back wall of the cockpit. When the dead pilots are shown, one has a circular cluster of four bullet holes in his back.

Correction: The pattern of the bullets in the pilot's back are consistent with the bullet holes in the wall to the cockpit. Both are consistent with the spacing that would occur when automatic weapons are fired in the manner as in the movie.

Revealing mistake: When the Oceanic 747 attempts to make its first landing, you can tell that the 'hole' on the side of the aircraft is simply painted on.

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Nagi Hassan: Allah has chosen us for a task far greater than Jaffa's freedom. We are the true soldiers of Islam. Our destiny is to deliver the vengeance of Allah into the belly of the infidel.
Ahmed: This has nothing to do with Islam. This is not Allah's will. You're blinded by hatred.

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Trivia: Oceanic Airlines seems to be an airline name often used in action movies and TV series involving ill-fated airplanes. Lost and Turbulence (which reused external shots from this film) both feature Oceanic planes that meet some kind of disaster.

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