White Chicks

Other mistake: When the two rival agents find Marcus and Kevin's masks, the masks are shown with lips attached. Whenever we see shots of the guys putting on the masks, there aren't any lips attached; they put their own lips through a hole. (01:15:00)


Other mistake: In the scene where Marcus and Kevin are first dressed up as the Wilson sisters, as they step out of the limo, Kevin (as Brittany) tells Marcus (as Tiffany) to act like a normal girl. Then Marcus flips his hair and the part in his hair is now crooked because he didn't get all of his hair back to one side. The next time you see him, the part in his hair is straight, and his hair is no longer out of place on top of his head. (00:19:55)

Other mistake: At the beginning of the film, The Real Wilson sisters are portrayed as being vindictive, stuck up and spiteful. But at the end of the film, their personas have changed to typical "dumb blondes."

Other mistake: When Marcus' wife is at the restaurant, she hands her credit card to the waitress who comes back just a few seconds later to not only tell her the card was declined but to also have an agent on the phone. Given the scene is shown in realtime - there's no way all that could have been accomplished in just a few seconds.


Other mistake: When Marcus comes out for the first time on the runway with the real Wilson sister he's supposed to be, both of them are wearing the exact same outfits they had just walked the runway with.


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