White Chicks

Corrected entry: The version of the song that the girls listen to in the car is a different version from the song the black man listens to in his car, although Tiffany uses the same CD.

Correction: Actually, the first time it was played (when the girls are singing along in the car) it is played on the radio. That's why it sounds different to the second time it is played. Radio stations tend to edit or shorten or even speed up songs.

Corrected entry: When the two rival agents are talking in the car about Janet Reno and Rosie O'Donnell, there's a newspaper on the right corner of the dashboard that keeps disappearing and reappearing between shots. (00:41:10)


Correction: It's just the angle of the shot that makes it look like the paper's vanished - we don't see enough of the dashboard to be sure.

Corrected entry: At the slumber party, don't any of the attendees realize that all of a sudden the "Wilson sisters" have black hands? (00:48:30)

Correction: Who knows if they noticed or not? Maybe they noticed, but didn't say anything, because they didn't want to draw attention to them. Perhaps they thought they had a skin disorder. Just because nothing was said does not mean it was not noticed.

Corrected entry: During the first scene at the hotel the sisters walk in kinda wobbly and as they walk to the counter they have to brace themselves on it to keep from falling, then it shows a close up with Kevin saying "You've gotta slow up with those Cosmos". Then it shows them walk up to the counter again and this time knock all the racks over. (00:21:00)


Correction: Not sure where the mistake is in this. Since the "sisters" are not used to walking in heels, they are wobbly. Kevin comes up with an excuse about being drunk to cover their inept walking in heels. Knocking the racks over fits with the facade of being drunk.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Wilson sisters and their friends have just arrived at the Hampton's Magazine Reception (the first party scene the white chicks are in), Brittany, who is really Kevin, spots Denise Porter with "New York One News". Brittany introduces herself. Denise Porters says she knows who Brittany is as it's her "job to know" who's who in the Hampton. But, when Kevin is out of his white chick costume and pretends to be "Latrelle Spencer", a famous football player, who has a home in the Hamptons and seems to know everyone, Denise actually believes that Kevin is Latrelle.

Correction: Denise also doesn't recognize that "Brittany" isn't the real Brittany, even though she said that she knows everyone. She could also just be pretending that she knows everyone. Potentially a character mistake, but not a movie mistake.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: When Marcus and Kevin are getting disguised as the Wilson sisters they are spray painted white, then in some parts of the movie they are black again, but then, when it shows them as the Wilson sisters they are white again.

Correction: Yes. This is not a mistake. When they are themselves, they are black. When they are the Wilson sisters they are white, because they are in disguise. Even actors in a movie don't wear their makeup 24/7.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Marcus and Kevin (dressed up as the Wilson sisters) are in the car with Tori, Karen and Lisa, they turn the radio on. When the song comes on that Marcus and Kevin know, they start to sing along. Karen, in disgust, turns the radio off and says, "Guys, I can't believe you just said the 'N' word", obviously not liking the song. Once Marcus and Kevin convince the girls to sing along, the girls seem to know EVERY word, even though they do not listen to the song or even like it.

Correction: Karen is acting offended to be politically correct. Once the "Wilson sisters" convince them to listen to the rest of the song, and sing along, it's revealed that they were hypocritical in criticizing the song, because they had all listened to it enough times to know all the words. That was the whole point of the joke.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marcus and Kevin are fighting Vandergilts partners, if you look closely you can see a crew member behind a table.

Correction: If you look closely those aren't crew members, they are party attendants. They are hiding because they are scared.

Corrected entry: When one of the bad guys is pushed into the stacked champagne glasses, you can see that the glasses are glued together in blocks.


Correction: True but not a mistake, that's exactly how it's done for large champagne fountains to save time when stacking the glasses and to reduce the risk of collapse.


Corrected entry: When the black guy buys one of the white chicks at the auction he goes to claim his prize and he grabs her and lifts here up, and you would be able to see up her dress and their cover would be blown.

Correction: Not necessarily. Many cross dressers use very cunning tricks to hide their genitalia - its positioning to look "flat" being one of them. It's possible they know these tricks.

Corrected entry: When Gomez and Harper are checking the girls' bedroom, they find two masks. They should only find one, because Tiffany is having dinner with Latrell. Only Brittany's mask should be in the room.

Correction: It's very likely that the FBI made them back-up masks, in case the originals were damaged.

Corrected entry: The night Shawn gets a date with the reporter you see him getting ready for the date. Marlon is putting on his girl costume to go out to the club. At the club, you see both Shawn and Marlon while Shawn is supposed to be on his date.

Correction: At the time Shawn was on the date, they weren't at the club. At that time Marlon was out eating.

Corrected entry: The scene were the girls are in the car after listening to the Vanessa Carlton song they change the station to a rap song. The rap song has "n***er" in it. If you are listening to the radio, then that word could not be used in the song; it would be dubbed or bleeped out.

Correction: There are many stations that can get away with the unediting of music and some radio stations can say n***a and get away with it.

Corrected entry: On the date with Latrell, the fake Wilson sister bites off a hangnail, spits it out, and it lands in Latrell's full glass of champagne. In the next shot the glass is completely empty.

Correction: Watch that part again real carefully. If you notice, the hangnail actually hits Latrell's forehead and lands in a glass of wine on a table next to theirs. The glasses on Latrell's table are still empty at this point.

Corrected entry: After Kevin and Marcus Copeland are fired, they receive a phone call that Warren Vandergeld's fingerprints are all over the ransom note. How can there be a note if the kidnapping is first going to take place that evening?

Correction: The note was received beforehand to throw off the FBI and make them think it was Mr. Wilson's partner. It was a threat, not a ransom note.

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