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White Chicks (2004)

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Deliberate mistake: When Marcus and Kevin reveal their real identities to the crowd, their eye colour changes from blue to brown without any indication that they removed their contact lenses. They simply lift off their masks.


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Continuity mistake: In the first scene with Marcus and Kevin dressed up as women, they walk to the hotel counter and knock things off the rack. Depending on the camera angle, the things spilled on the counter such as the cup, pencils and pens disappear, reappear and change position.


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Continuity mistake: After Kevin and Marcus knock down the ice cream guys, they take off their fake chest hair and put it down. After a few shots, the hair is back on their chests, but a few shots later, it's off again.


Continuity mistake: When "Brittany" is beating up the male strippers, she is wearing tan slippers in the beginning of the fight and blue slippers at the end of it.

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Continuity mistake: When Marcus and Kevin, as the Wilson sisters, arrive at the Royal Hampton Hotel, when they exit the limo Kevin's breasts are a normal size, but when they walk into the hotel and he knocks down the stuff on the counter, his breasts are huge.

00:19:25 - 00:21:00

Continuity mistake: When the "Wilson sisters" and their friends are driving along during the music scene, between a wideshot and closeup the background goes from being all trees in the distance, to suddenly all the sunny sky showing, and trees changing and appearing from shot to shot.


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Revealing mistake: When Marcus (dressed up like one of the sisters) is braiding the blonde girl's hair you can easily tell that the corn-rows were already done and that the hair that is not done is a wig. You can see the line were the wig starts. Also it's probably a wig because when Marcus (dressed up like one of the sisters) is braiding the hair he just looks like he is moving it and that the braids are already done.


Other mistake: When the two rival agents find Marcus and Kevin's masks, the masks are shown with lips attached. Whenever we see shots of the guys putting on the masks, there aren't any lips attached; they put their own lips through a hole.



Audio problem: When Kevin, as Tiffany, is in the hotel lobby she starts to write a letter she says "Dear Mister Royal Hampton." then it cuts to a behind shot and she says "I am a white woman in America." but his jaw doesn't move.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the homosexual fashion designer tells the two girls that they aren't in the fashion show and she offers him sex for it, he lights a cigar in his mouth. When it cuts from close-up to wide shot, the cigar moves from his mouth to his hand, beside his leg.


Continuity mistake: When the girls go into the toilet when Karen is being sick, in one shot 'The Wilsons' are holding her hair scruffily on top of her head, then in the next shot her hair is quite neat and pushed behind her shoulders.

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Continuity mistake: When the ice cream delivery men pull up to the bodega, they park directly in front of the newspaper dispenser. When we see a shot of them walking into the store, the newspaper dispenser is shown but the truck is nowhere in sight.



Continuity mistake: While Marcus and Latrell are on a date, and Kevin takes the car it is dark outside. After the scene that Marcus calls Kevin to tell them they are done eating, there is a scene showing the other two agents looking through the "Wilson's" room and it is light out. The following scene is when they are all at the club, after Marcus' and Latrell's date.

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Continuity mistake: When the guys are driving the real Wilsons to their hotel, one of the guys, who is in the back, emerges from all the bags in the backseat. Between shots the bags around him constantly move, and in the first shots a brown bag jumps from behind him, to under his arm.


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Continuity mistake: When the Vandergeld sisters are on stage at the fashion show, they hear a sound and look up and see the buckets of paint. In the next shot, their heads are down as the paint hits.

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Bonita Kilpatrick

Other mistake: In the scene where Marcus and Kevin are first dressed up as the Wilson sisters, as they step out of the limo, Kevin (as Brittany) tells Marcus (as Tiffany) to act like a normal girl. Then Marcus flips his hair and the part in his hair is now crooked because he didn't get all of his hair back to one side. The next time you see him, the part in his hair is straight, and his hair is no longer out of place on top of his head.


Plot hole: In the scene where Tiffany is trying on clothes, the sales associate walks into the room unexpectedly, "Tiffanys'" shirt is partially off. But the sales associate doesn't notice that she is actually black with fake breasts and a wig.


Gary Day

Revealing mistake: When one of the 'Wilson' sisters leaves with Latrell for their date (after he starts singing to her), the car they get into is supposed to be valet delivered just before they step into it, yet when it pulls away there is a visible dry spot on the road beneath it. Clearly the car had been parked on that spot for long enough that the heat from the engine dried the wet pavement underneath it, which would take far longer than the length of one song.

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Continuity mistake: When Marcus's wife comes to the hotel, his lipstick becomes much more evident when he answers the door than it was seconds before when he was talking to Kevin.


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Continuity mistake: When Kevin (as Brittany) is beating up the male strippers, he throws one guy onto an end table and the whole table collapses. In the shots following, we see the table only partially collapsed.



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