Other mistake: While the Trojan warning gongs ring, in the shot of the citizens when they run past the guards to return to the safety within the walls, there is something stuck to the left side of the camera (it looks like a long piece of hair), which flickers on the screen as the camera continues to pan in closer. (00:35:30)

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Other mistake: There is a thin vertical line from the top of the screen to the bottom, that moves as the camera moves, just after the Trojans enter Apollo's temple when the Greeks run out of hiding to ambush the Trojans. It also appears in the first exterior shot, when Hector shows Andromache the secret escape route. (00:45:55 - 01:47:15)

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Other mistake: During the first shot of the 1000 ships, oarsmen can be seen rowing, but their oars are not disturbing the water. Yet as they approach the beach, the shot is from the same distance and now splashes can be seen.


Other mistake: The umbrella used to shelter Paris and Helen during the parade in Troy is obviously modern, as it includes metal spokes like modern umbrellas.


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