Paris and Hector are brothers, both princes of Troy, (sons of Priam) Paris steals Helen, (the queen of Sparta) or Menelaus' (king of Sparta) wife. Menelaus gets his big brother Agamemnon to join forces with him and attack Troy. To win the war, Agamemnon knows he has to have the best (and in that time period it was Achilles (the greatest warrior that ever lived)). So he recruits Achilles to fight with the Greeks. When they attack Troy's beach (and win it) the soldiers find Briesis (cousin of Hector and Paris) hiding in the temple and bring her to Achilles to "amuse him." He starts off playfully provoking her but she and he eventually fall for each other, which creates trouble for the himself and the royal family in "The war that will be remembered for one thousand years."

Hector Keate - Troy hater

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