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Jon Arbuckle: Some part of me has always wanted to know what it would be like to have a pet that actually wants to play with you.

Garfield: Why, why has this happened? I was the one... it was all about me. Not about some... stupid, sniffling, smelly, high-maintenance... disco dog!.

Happy Chapman: I believe you've found my dog. He answers to Odie.
Mrs. Baker: Odie?
Happy Chapman: Family name.

Garfield: I'm banged in the nose again.

Garfield: Madam, I'm a cat in trouble. I'm hitching a ride in your mumu.

Luca: You're on the wrong side of the street, fat cat. Beat it.
Garfield: And you, Luca. You're on the wrong side of the evolutionary curve.

Garfield: I just need a little quality time with man's real best friend, television.

Persnikitty: Eat hairballs, Happy Chapman.

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Other mistake: Jon's Volvo back license plate number in the first half of the movie is T03-851. When he and Dr Liz are looking for Odie, his front license plate number is I35-749. As they are pulling up to the train station, the Volvo in front of them also has the plate I35-749.

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Trivia: Breckin Meyer, who plays Jon, is allergic to cats in real life.

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