Garfield: The Movie

Revealing mistake: When one of the men picks up Garfield from his cage to display to potential buyers at the pound, you can see the man's right hand "entangled" with the computer-generated Garfield.

Revealing mistake: When Garfield and the mouse are going down the street underneath cardboard boxes, you can see the wheels of remote-controlled "cars" that were used to create the illusion. It is especially obvious in some of the scenes of the mouse, under the Chinese-Food box.

Revealing mistake: When Garfield is in the air vent, he falls out into a box, which topples over. The Garfield that falls into the box is motionless, in a crouched position, and obviously a stuffed toy.

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Revealing mistake: When Garfield and Jon first bring Odie home, you see Garfield talking to one of the neighborhood cats outside while Jon has gone inside with Odie. You can see a colored square on the sidewalk where the neighborhood cat sits. Throughout different shots in the scene you see the square disappear and reappear.

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Continuity mistake: When Odie comes out on the porch to keep Garfield company, his collar and tags are visible; even more so when he attempts to get back in. But when the shot pulls away to show Odie alone on the steps (before running off after the scooter), his collar is gone. Part of the plot hinges on Jon trying to find Odie, who wasn't wearing his tags.

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Garfield: I've found that if you wait long enough, everything comes to you.

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Question: Does anyone know what the song is called at the start of Garfield the movie?

Answer: The song is called "Holla", by the Baha Men (of "Who let the dogs out" fame).

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