End of Days

Corrected entry: The blood splatter strains in Arnold's illusion of his wife and daughter's death are wrong. When a body is shot, the blood comes out in aerosol form from the exit wound. The stains on the wall look like they were squirted with a ketchup bottle.

Correction: The initial blood spray from the creation of the bullet exit wound would not look like that, no. But if the bullet had severed an artery on its way through then the blood patterns on the walls would look exactly as depicted.


Corrected entry: After Arnold drops through the newspaper stand from the helicopter and chases after the priest, we never really get to see him disconnect his harness. As a matter of fact he takes off running with it still attached.

Correction: There is plenty for time for Arnold to unclip his harness after he started running.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, the camera is supposed to be giving us the view through Satan's eyes. We see the camera wind through a crowd of pedestrians, (pay attention this happens real quick) and we can see one man almost walk towards the centre then back up a step as if he almost ran into something. Keep in mind that no one is supposed to see Satan at this point.

Correction: He may not have seen him, but sensed him in some manner, felt uncomfortable, and stepped back. Many stories of supernatural beings mention things such as feelings of dread, cold, nervousness, etc when paranormal things are occuring.

Corrected entry: When Arnie goes on to the church for the first time, the priest dismisses him and exits through a door. When the door is open you see an ornate banner on the other side in a well lit room. When Arnie walks through the door it is into a small dark room at the top of some steps with no banner.

Correction: It's not the same door; it's not even hung on the same side. It just cuts to Arnold finding the door to the cellar, as it's not that interesting to watch him walk through a random room.

Corrected entry: In the first scene that we meet Arnold (when Kevin Pollack meets him in his apartment), Arnold starts throwing all kinds of stuff into his blender for breakfast (an obvious ripoff of "Men at Work"); the blender is filled to the absolute top, but then is a good 3-4 inches from the top of the container when he puts the lid on.

Correction: The final thing he puts in is a slice of pizza, which doesn't fit into the blender too well, leaving the gap at the top. When he presses the button, the bit of pizza gets sucked into the rest of the mix (we actually see this happen), leaving the gap above the liquid more visible.

Jon Sandys

Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning where Arnie is guarding the executive, we see a convoy of vehicles. The vehicle which Arnie is travelling in is a Chevrolet Suburban in the wide angle shot, but in the close frame shot where he actually gets out, the van is a GMC.

Correction: Most Chevy Suburbans have the GMC logo on their grill. GMC and Chevy are owned by the same company.

Corrected entry: In the end of the movie, in the church scene, the "wind of evil" blows down all the benches like dominoes. In the next second, they're all back in an upright position again.

Correction: The benches never do fall down, they are just jostled around a lot and they fall back into place. Its pretty clear if you pay close attention to them.


Corrected entry: After Arnie has saved Christine from the priests who tried to kill her in her bedroom, he says "I've never heard the last rites performed before". However, a) he was not in the room when they were actually reading them, so he would not have heard above all the fighting, and b) it is unlikely that somebody who was not religious would recognise a ritual such as the last rites.

Correction: There is a time lapse, off camera, in which Christine probably tells Arnie what happened when the priests attacked her, including what they said. Also, the 'last rites' are well known, even amongst people who are not religious and are of other faiths.

Corrected entry: In the scene after the priest writes down the number 666 (999), he says that the devil should "reproduce" at the last hour of the millennium. Arnold asks, "eastern time?", and the priest replies, that it's the position of stars that matters. However, at the end of the film the devil went down under because it couldn't "reproduce" at the last eastern hour of the millennium.

Correction: It is true that the Priest says that the time itself is irrelevant, but there is no reason why the correct alignment of the planets should not coincide with the last hour of the millennium

Corrected entry: Why is it that when Arnie chucks Satan out of the window (several floors up) that he is walking around fine in Gabriel Byrne's undamaged body, yet when he is pulled under the train, he is chewed to pieces?

Correction: Satan can heal himself, as shown when Jericho shoots him in his appartment. However after being hit by the grenade in the subway, he chooses to revert to his true form instead of healing the body

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The priest says that St. John saw the number 666 in his vision, but it was actually 999 inverted. I'm not sure, but I don't believe St. John read modern Arabic numerals like we do. Didn't he read Roman numerals? I think if St. John saw the number 666, it would actually be DCLXVI.



The scene where Arnie is loading up at Stinger's HQ with all the weapons is very reminiscent of a similar scene in another Arnie movie, "Commando", with the pulling of buckles and tightening of belts etc.