The Name of the Rose

Sean Connery and Christian Slater play Fransiscan monks who arrive at a monestary, where they discover one of the young monks has recently died. The Abbot believes Satan is possessing the monks. When another monk is killed, Sean Connery and Christian Slater begin an investigation into the deaths. A third monk is killed and Sean Connery realizes that the two most recent monks both had a black stain on their forefingers and on thier tounges. He links their deaths to a mysterious Greek book. The Abbot is very worried and calls for the Inquisitors to come and rid the monestary of evil. In the meanwhile, Christian Slater has *fun* with a peasant girl and falls in love with her. When the Inquisitors arrive, two more monks are killed. The girl, the hunchback, and one of the monks are tortured and sentenced to be burned at the stake.

Character mistake: When William finds the footprints on the ground after the body is found in the blood vat, he tells Adso that they were twice as deep as they should've been because the person who made them was weighed down by the weight of a body. Adso points out that the footprints were going away from the vats, to which William rebukes him and says that the man who made the prints was possibly dragging the body. If that was so, the footprints would not have been so deep, as the person moving the body would not have been weighed down nearly as much by dragging one along the ground. William is a learned investigator who shouldn't have made such an obvious mistake.


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Voice of Adso as an Old Man: Who was she? Who was this creature that rose like the dawn, as bewitching as the moon, radiant as the sun, terrible as an army poised for battle?

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