The Name of the Rose

Corrected entry: The inquisitor Bernardo Gui is portrayed in a more sinister light here than he really seemed to be: a) he was a more 'moderate' inquisitor (of 900 sentences, most were imprisonment and only 42 deaths); b) he did not die by the hands of a violent mob in Italy; he passed away peacefully in a Lauroux abbey in 1331.

Correction: The film is not intended to be a realistic portrayal of history and it can therefore do whatever it likes with the characters portrayed - it is artistic license.

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Corrected entry: Knitting was not practiced yet in the Middle Ages. Undoing one's coat was not possible and so the trick to find a way through the maze could not have been performed.

Correction: This subject attracts a great deal of (inexplicable) controversy, but the oldest estimate for the origin of knitting places it in the Anatolian region of Turkey in the 6th or 7th Century, and the most recent around the 1200s in Egypt. Regardless, The Name of the Rose takes place hundreds of years after knitting became commonplace.

Revealing mistake: When the dead monk is first pulled out of the blood vat, the others dump water on his face to see who it is, and the body's closed eyes flinch upon contact with the water.


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