The Name of the Rose

Sean Connery uncovers the mystery of the deaths. It turns out that Aristotle (a Greek philosopher) wrote a book about comedy. The chief monk felt that it should be forbidden and thus hid the book. In addition, he adds poison to the edges of the pages. The monks who had been killed had chanced upon the book and they happened to have the filthy habit of licking their fingers whenever they flip a page. Thus they also ended up consuming the poison on the pages, which explains the discolouration on their tongues and fingers. As the inquisitor (F Murray Abraham) orders the execution fires lit, Sean Connery enters the library maze and confronts the chief monk who poisoned the book. The monk starts eating the book and the library catches fire, but Connery escapes. As the monastery burns down, peasants attack the inquisitor (they push his wagon over a cliff and he falls to his death on spikes) and save the girl. She approaches Slater as he and Connery leave, but Slater chooses to stay a monk and rides away with Connery. In a voice-over, Slater says as an old man that he never regretted his decision but still thinks of her sometimes.


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