House of Sand and Fog

House of Sand and Fog (2003)

Ending / spoiler

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When Lester is taking Behrani and his son Esmail to the court to agree to rightfully give back the house to Kathy, Esmail grabs Lester's handgun and threatens to kill him. However, in the process of doing this he gets shot by a nearby policeman and dies on the steps of the court. Lester is arrested and imprisoned. When Behrani returns home, he gives his wife Nadi drugged tea, killing her slowly. He places her on their bed, then changes into his uniform, and commits suicide by taping a plastic bag over his head. He dies next to Nadi on their bed. Kathy, who has been crying down at the beach, drives up to the house and decides to go inside. She walks into the bedroom to find Behrani and Nadi dead, and calls the police. At the very end of the film, a police officer asks Kathy "Is this your house?", which she replies "no" to. In the novel, Kathy is also arrested and eventually imprisoned, however we do not know this from seeing the film.Submitted by Alex Bond

Kate V.

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