House of Sand and Fog

Kate (Connelly) is a grieving divorcee whose house is put up for auction due to overdue business taxes. Unfortunately, the city was in error--she did not have a business, yet after her initial dispute of the claim, they proceeded to send her eviction notices. Thinking that she had taken care of the issue, she neglected to open the remaining notices.

Behrani (Kingsley),a former-Colonel, lost everything fleeing Europe. As immigrants in America, he and his family found even greater financial hardship. All seemed lost when Behrani found a house up for auction at a very good price. After winning the house, he realized he could sell it at a huge profit--the stepping-stone needed to give his family the life he felt they deserved.

As timelines go, Kate was escorted out of her house by the police only a day before the auction of her property took place....and only days before Behrani and his family moved in.

Between visits to her lawyer to reclaim her unjustly sold house, Kate, penniless and homeless, was forced to live out of her car outside of her old house. She was torturing herself to see Behrani's family move in, decorate and renovate "her" house--especially while her own personal situation was quickly deteriorating.

In the meantime, Kate became lovers with the police-man who helped evict her, he helped her out as best as he could--and left his wife in the process.He even went so far as to physically threaten Behrani with deportation if he didn't give the house back to Kate.

Similar confrontations between the characters only served to strengthen each character's resolve to retain what they felt was rightfully theirs.

When circumstances brought Kate, the cop, Behrani and his family under the same roof--Behrani was bullied at gun-point and came up with a solution which would benefit all people involved. Only moments before this peaceful resolve was attained, the son wrested the gun away from the cop, resulting in his own death.

Wracked with grief over the loss of his son, and in realization of he and his wife being executed upon his deportation back to his homeland, Behrani quietly poisons his wife, dons his Colonel's uniform, and suffocates himself. Kate finds the two of them dead, beside each other on their bed.

Upon being questioned by the crime unit whether or not the house is hers, Kate finally relents ownership to Behrani.

p.s. The cop ended up going to jail for his involvement in the death of Behrani's son.

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