House of Sand and Fog

Continuity mistake: When Behrani puts the plastic bag on his head, to suffocate himself, we see shots of him breathing heavily. In one shot the bag has become very condensed with his breath, yet when we see him take his final breath, the bag is perfectly clear. (01:52:55 - 01:53:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Behrani is reading the article on the house it states it has two bedrooms. But the salesman states it has three - which it does. (00:06:05 - 00:15:10)

Revealing mistake: When Kathy is ripping open the plastic bag tied around Behrani, watch closely and you can see Behrani's eyelids flutter, although he's dead. (01:54:40)

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Kathy: I miss my dad. He worked really hard for that house... It took him... thirty years to pay it off. And it took me eight months to fuck it up.

Hotel Security: Can I help you?
Behrani: My car is parked here. You asked yesterday also.

Behrani: You have my respect for your heart.

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Question: One of the mistakes for this film is "In the scene when Ben Kingsley is called a traitor by the woman, at the far right of some shots, you can see the right side (viewer's left) of a man moving slightly." - can anyone make this more specific. Who is calling Ben Kingsley a traitor? His wife, or Jennifer Connoley. Could anyone supply a timecode for this, as I'd like to see it.

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Chosen answer: I believe the post is refering to when Ben Kingsley's wife is yelling at him after the cop first threatens them with deportation. But his wife calls him a coward, not a traitor, and there is no one in the scene except for the 3 family members (I've gone through the scene several times in slow motion).

Question: I read on a website that one difference in the ending from the book is that Kathy is arrested. Can someone tell me if the ending in the book is much different from the film and what exactly is Kathy arrested for?

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Chosen answer: In the book, when Behrani learns that his son has died at the hospital, his grief turns into rage at Lester and Kathy. He returns to the house. He finds Kathy there and strangles her. Believing she is dead, he puts on his uniform, then suffocates his wife, who is sleeping in the bedroom. Then he suffocates himself. Kathy revives and finds their bodies. Both she and Lester are arrested. As they await trial, Kathy, who is in jail, has been pretending that she is unable to speak since Behrani attempted to strangle her. She mimes a request for a cigarette.

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