Continuity mistake: At the "Prototype Exhibition" party, Jimmy and Joe hop in two cars for a run through the Chicago streets. But, CART cars do not have built-in starters, they need external ones.

Continuity mistake: When Memo crashes into the lake the fuel leaks out and the car explodes. Naturally the explosion would have done some massive damage to the car. It then goes to an aerial view of the accident in the next shot and the car is in the same condition it was before it exploded. Then the next scene shows Joe in the garage looking at the wreckage, and the car is blackened and mangled.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy Bly is in the bar and watches Sophie cross the dance floor, she is wearing a white top that is very low cut and open, showing lots of skin. But, as he talks to her at the bar, she is wearing a black top that covers way too much at the neck, for it to have been under the very low cut white top she was wearing earlier, that she is now holding in her hand. The black top would have been visible, had she really worn it underneath the white top.

Continuity mistake: In the final crash scene in the last race the black number six car goes over the wall and loses his right front wheel. Then in the pits you see the same black number six car drive down the pit lane with all four tyres on.

Continuity mistake: In the final race you see the Pioneer Worldcom car get hit 3 times in 2 crashes (it was totaled twice). Not only do they use it after the first crash, you see it in the pits when they make the final pit stop. Pioneer Worldcom only has ONE car in the field. The helmet of the driver didn't even change.

Continuity mistake: In Japan, when Sophie is swimming, doing her first underwater flip, you see a Nike swoop right above her left breast. Then for the rest of the swim scene it is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Memo is in the hospital after his accident he is getting oxygen through a nasal canulla. If you look closely you'll see it's upside down. The tab should be facing down not up.

Continuity mistake: When Memo has his wreck, it is absolutely ridiculous to think that it would take the rescue team that long to get to the accident. Joe runs all the way from the pit paddock and arrives at the same time as the rescue workers. Furthermore, the methanol fuel is contained in a fuel cell which would not leak as the movie shows. It is impossible for a methanol fueled car to explode like that.

Continuity mistake: When the two drivers jump into the prototypes, they don't put on their seatbelts (which are 5 point straps). When racing through the streets you can see that they both have their seatbelts on. Going 200 mph through the streets of Chicago, you would not have the time or the control to fasten a 5 point seatbelt.

Continuity mistake: When they leave the press conference in Toronto, Sophie is wearing a spaghetti strap sun dress just before she gets into the car and they drive away. Yet in the car she is wearing white pants and a blouse.

Continuity mistake: When "The Vistion Car" spins going into turn 3 at Toronto on the first lap it shows him sliding sideways into the black tyre barrier which has a large cement wall behind it. The next shot is him going nose first into a red-and-white tyre barrier with a nice big gravel run-off area behind the tires. No more concrete. When he hits the tires there is a small fireball, which would never happen if a CART car were to hit head on like that. (00:33:58)

Continuity mistake: The final race takes place in Detroit. However, at various points during the scenes for the 'Detroit' race, you can clearly see, at least on 2 occasions signs that say 'Chicago Speedway'.

Continuity mistake: Beaux is talking to Joe in the grandstand at the Japanese race. If you look in the background you can see a nearby city. This cannot be filmed in Japan as there is no city near enough to be seen from the grandstand. I think this may have been filmed in Chicago.

Continuity mistake: When Stallone talks with is his team boss in a wheel chair at the paddock the first time. The crowd around them are different depending if it is shot in the front of them or from above. But the conversation is real time.

Continuity mistake: If the computer sim Bly is watching after the first race is a sim of what happened earlier, the cars on the screen are positioned wrongly.

Continuity mistake: When Sophia is swimming in the pool and Jimmy is on the chair reading an article, his hair changes from messed up to neatly combed about 3 to 4 times.

Continuity mistake: When Slyvestor Stallone is driving in the car to prove himself to the team, he does the 3 coin trick. When he runs over 2 of the 3 coins, you can see them fly up into the air, however, when they check over the tyres at the end, all 3 coins are in the tire.

Continuity mistake: In the German race, you see Memo getting ready to pass Jimmy. In this moment the Motorola car is piloted by Beau. You can see the Target visor. (01:14:35)

Continuity mistake: Memo Moreno overtakes Michael Andretti. The car he is shown passing is the Visteon of Roberto Moreno at first, and the switches to the Newman Haas of Andretti. (01:14:00)

Continuity mistake: At the "Prototype Exhibition" party, Jimmy and Joe hop in two cars for a run through the Chicago streets. But, CART cars do not have built-in starters, they need external ones.

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Trivia: The manager of the Formula One team Williams (Frank Williams) moves around in a wheelchair, just like the manager in Driven. This is caused by a car accident.

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