Continuity mistake: As an introduction of the German race there are two shots of what should be Berlin, The first one really is Berlin but in the next shot you can see a bridge which is American, as well as an advertisement and a shop, also American.

Continuity mistake: When Joe is showing off the "3 coin trick" he throws out a dime, then two quarters. When he is checking his tires to see if he picked up the coins, there are 3 quarters instead of 2 quarters and a dime.

Continuity mistake: When Memo crashes into the lake the fuel leaks out and the car explodes. Naturally the explosion would have done some massive damage to the car. It then goes to an aerial view of the accident in the next shot and the car is in the same condition it was before it exploded. Then the next scene shows Joe in the garage looking at the wreckage, and the car is blackened and mangled.

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Trivia: In the scene of real Champ car drivers doing pre-race rituals, Kenny Brack (the driver of the Shell car) is holding a photo of a baby and then tapes it inside his race suit. The baby you see in the picture is director Renny Harlin's son, Lukas.

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