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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film they show you clips from what was supposed to be the Australian race. However all the footage is from Toronto and on the podium shot the back board says Molson Indy which is only the case for races in Canada.

Correction: It is in fact the Australian coastline shown in this movie, it is Surfers Paradise, you can see Crown Towers to the left of the screen, which is situated in Surfers Paradise Australia. (It is the last building on the screen inline with the scrolling word and I am pretty sure that is the A.N.A International, right below it.)

It is definitely Surfers Paradise, I was firefighter for that race and there's a great shot of me walking towards the camera, eating a hot dog.

Corrected entry: The day before the Japanese race there is a shot of the grandstand. If you look at the pillars you can see normal numbers written, but the setting is supposed to be in Japan, so it should be Japanese numbers.

Correction: The Japanese have used western "arabic" numbers for over 100 years.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: On the cars of Memo, Joe, and Jimmy it says Haas which would be Newman/Haas racing. I thought they were Pac West racing.

Correction: This is wrong. The "Haas" seen here does not refer to Newman/Haas Racing. Rather, it is a company called Haas CNC, which specializes in machine tool manufacturing. Haas CNC was a long-time sponsor of PacWest Racing, right up until the team went bankrupt two seasons after this movie was made.

Corrected entry: During the scene were Bly is going over different tracks on his laptop prior to going to a night club, you can see a track map for Nurburgring on the laptop screen. The cart series do not race at Nurburgring.

Correction: CART indeed never raced at the Nurburgring, but that does not mean his simulator cannot include the track for general testing purposes; it may not be a CART-specific sim.


Corrected entry: Mercedez Benz wasn't even in CART this year, and for the past few years when they were, they only won ONE Race. It doesn't make sense that they would win the driver's championship. Except if they sponsored the film, of course...

Correction: CART used Mercedes engines until 2000. Despite being released in 2001, the actual year of the film's championship is never stated. During the gala scene, an announcer says "... Magnificent extreme machines that will race us into the new millennium", indicating that the film takes place in the late 1990s or 2000.


Corrected entry: At the "prototype" party Jimmy and Joe hop into two cars and run through the streets of "Chicago". Cars used for display at such events don't normally have engines in them and are bodywork only.

Correction: But you see that when the cars are first shown, into the "fountain", they move with their own engines so they can't be "bodywork only".

Corrected entry: During the race in the rain, raindrops, somehow, move ever so slowly off the helmet's visor at 120mph+.

Correction: Having spent many years in a formula car I can assure that the mistake is the amount of rain on the visor. Through aerodynamics the visor gets almost no wind / rain. Notice that some keep the visor cracked at speed, 200 wind would rip it open. The drops do move slowly off a visor, but very few drops get on the visor even on a road course.

Corrected entry: At the very last race in Detroit the announcer says it is a sunny day, yet in the next scene a red car is shown with rain tyres on.

Correction: It's actually quite common for teams to only put slicks on just before the cars go out - the last thing a driver wants is a slow puncture acquired in the paddock.

They nearly always have rain tyres on them before they go out on track, and change to slicks at the last moment. Also it is common practice to drive a dry lap on a wet tyre to "scrub" them in, and be good to use if it does rain.

Corrected entry: Joe And Jimmy have the same paint job on their helmet as the real drivers that drove the Pac-West cars in the CART series during the 2000 season. The reason they did that was so the real racing shots and the studio shots would look almost the same. Most of the time you can tell the difference because for the most part the real cars have a camera on top of the roll bar. They are especially easy to see in the Detroit race.

Correction: You can also tell Jimmy from real shots, because Jimmy's helmet has JB on the top.

Corrected entry: The German Race debuted in the CART season in 2001. The movie also shows Juan Pablo Montoya preparing for the final race, but Montoya went to F1 in 2000, to the Williams team. Therefore, Montoya shouldn't appear in the movie.

Correction: Montoya started F1 in 2001, so his being there is correct.

Corrected entry: The race in Germany is supposedly on a road course. The rules of Champ Cars say that any new races held outside of America must be on an Oval.

Correction: This rule was changed a handful of years ago, as evidenced by CART's new race at the Brands Hatch circuit in 2003.

Corrected entry: When Sophia and Beaux have their argument at the beginning of the movie, and Beaux ends up dumping Sophia, Beaux leaves with his helmet under his arm. However, once he leaves, Sophia takes off the ring he gave her, and puts it by his helmet on the table.

Correction: Racecar drivers always have a backup helmet in case one breaks, or has a faulty communication system.

Continuity mistake: At the "Prototype Exhibition" party, Jimmy and Joe hop in two cars for a run through the Chicago streets. But, CART cars do not have built-in starters, they need external ones.

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Trivia: The manager of the Formula One team Williams (Frank Williams) moves around in a wheelchair, just like the manager in Driven. This is caused by a car accident.

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