Alien 3

Question: How come it takes so long for the alien in Ripley to burst out? Every other movie the alien comes out within a day and here it seems to take way too long.

Answer: It was most likely just been implanted when the ship landed or being a Queen Mother would take longer to incubate.

Question: Assuming that Ripley wasn't infected with the queen before ending upon fury 161, would the facehugger implanted the queen embryo into the dog/ox or use one of the prisoners assuming it can choose which embryo to deposit first.

Darth Crucible

Answer: It could be the Facehugger either has a short life span or a short period of time to lay her egg.

Continuity mistake: Just after the doctor started the post mortem on that little girl, the front of his gown is covered with blood. Yet, a few seconds later, after the two other guys appear, his gown looks better, with less blood. And during the whole post mortem scene, the blood spot actually changes its size a few times. (00:17:55 - 00:19:55)

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Murphy: What kind of animal would do this to a dog?

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Trivia: The plot of the movie is a combination of two spec scripts written for the film - one was by David Twohy (Riddick) who wrote a script set on a prison planet, and another by Vincent Ward, set on a monastery planet with the same characters and basic plot. Despite this, neither received credit for the screenplay (Although Ward received story credit).

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