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I own this movie on DvD.

If I could rate this 3 1/2 stars, I would. It's not 4 star worthy but not bad enough for 3 stars either.
I just recently watched this again with my girlfriend, since I've been showing her these movies.

This movie I feel is very under rated, getting an unjust bad rep due to the circumstances around it. And often times the hate towards the 4th film in the series tends to splash up onto this one as well.

Alien cubed... I mean Alien 3, is not by any means a bad film. But it just doesn't live up to the previous two films in the slightest, which those two were near perfect for their time, and even hold up to this day.
Alien 3 suffers from a seemingly rushed plot and some spotty effects. The CGI in some moments is definitely a product of it's time and stick out like a sore thumb.
But the premise of the film is an interesting one at least. Though spoiler warning now!

A lot of the hate that this movie gets, and it is justifiable, is that two of the main characters from the previous film are unceremoniously killed off between films, showing just some brief moments of how it happens during the opening credits where they shoehorn an alien egg onto the space craft they escaped on that gets into the ship and causes the death of Newt and Hicks where so that they don't even get any screen time in this film. Where they had basically became Ripley's new family at the end of the second movie.

The ending of this movie is also a bit of a sour note, and unfortunately does lay the ground works for the horrible 4th film in the franchise.
However, again this movie itself is not all that bad. It just doesn't live up to it's predecessors, and gets unjust hate towards it mostly as fallout from the next film, Alien Resurrection.
Some of the extra characters are fun, though one is killed off suddenly in an unsatisfying way.

The idea of taking it back to a single alien, but this time being the horror of a prison colony with no weapons and only the factory they live in as their means of defense, is a cool idea. And some aspects of this were implemented pretty well. You also get a first look at what happens when a Xenomorph takes half of it's DNA from something other than a human this time, with the one in this film having burst from the chest of a dog. So the alien in this film is far more canine than humanoid.

Just a lot of the execution and very dated CGI hinder this film. As well as an unsatisfactory opening and ending. But that's my opinion.

Mistake Status: I'll get to it some day after I do the first two films.

Quantom X Premium member

Alien 3 finds the heroine Ellen Ripley stranded on a particularly run-down former refinery/prison planet managed by a custodial staff of violent inmates, a surly warden and his somewhat intellectually-limited assistant, along with a disgraced doctor, utterly unprepared for an encounter with a different kind of vicious Xenomorph. Ripley is left reeling from tragedy upon awakening from hypersleep and with little left in her to fight the latest menace before the Company closes in on her and it. Alien 3 suffers from a patchwork script, trying to cast unlikable inmates as victims, starting off with killing popular characters, and having Ripley as a worn down, fatalistic protagonist just looking forward to her end. In the end, Alien 3 wasn't the best direction to take the franchise, justifying Alien: Resurrection.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: Just after the doctor started the post mortem on that little girl, the front of his gown is covered with blood. Yet, a few seconds later, after the two other guys appear, his gown looks better, with less blood. And during the whole post mortem scene, the blood spot actually changes its size a few times. (00:17:55 - 00:19:55)

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Kevin: This thing is really pissed off.

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Trivia: The film had a notoriously troubled production, with several writers and directors dropping out of the project during development. With a looming release date, sets were built and a crew was assembled before a script was even settled on, and the final draft had to be written around the sets that had already been built. David Fincher, then a popular music video and commercial director, was chosen to helm the film, but he had nonstop creative difficulties with the producers and studios. He has since gone on to disown the film, as he feels it isn't reflective of his vision.

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Question: How did the alien egg get on board the Sulaco? I thought it was by the Queen but she did not have that organ that she was connected to when we first see her and so she couldn't reproduce eggs.

Answer: Agreed the Queen could have stowed the eggs away on her body as Alien bodies, especially one her size, could easily have a couple of eggs hidden upon her, and we would not know. They are masters of disguise these creatures and can merge in with their own environments or others...what's to say an egg can't look like part of the Queen's body? In addition, could Facehuggers not attach themselves to the Queen's body and merge with it somehow? Flatten themselves against her skin maybe?

Answer: As we don't know the precise details of the Alien reproductive cycle, we don't know for a fact that the Queen would be unable to produce eggs without the sac seen in the film. The only other possibility is that somebody got the egg up there somehow. The only possible candidate would seem to be Bishop, who would have had to somehow have got the egg from somewhere, and flown it up to the Sulaco while Ripley was off rescuing Newt. There doesn't seem to have been time for this, so the only remaining option seems to be that they did indeed arrive with the Queen in some fashion, either laid while up there or, possibly more plausibly, rescued intact from the destruction caused by Ripley and carried somewhere on the Queen's body.

Tailkinker Premium member

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