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Corrected entry: When Bond goes to meet Leiter after setting up traps in his room, he's wearing a light colored suit. He returns to his room, then immediately goes to see Professor Dent about Strangway's samples. Now he's suddenly wearing a dark suit though he doesn't seem to have triggered any of the traps he set in his room, including the one on his wardrobe.


Correction: So he obviously went back to his room to changed, then reset the traps before leaving. No mistake here, just a simple decision by the filmmakers not to show us every waking minute of Bond's life.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the end of the movie, when Bond is crawling through the pipes, he comes across a section so hot, he wraps his hands in his torn shirt to continue crawling. However, when the water comes rushing in, he drops and positions himself flat against the hot pipes. There is even steam visible, but he doesn't appear to be affected by the heat.

Correction: The pipe isn't hot; his hands hurt because they were burned on the electrified grating earlier.

The pipe does get hot as he is crawling through it. When the water comes and goes, a lot of steam appears which is residual water evaporating quickly, which almost certainly means the pipe is hot. The rate at which steam is generated suggests the pipe would be too hot to touch for very long.

Corrected entry: During the end of the movie, Ursula and Sean are in a drifting boat. Sean pulls out the oil dip stick and comments that they're out of gas. A boat has a fuel gage, not a dip stick to measure the fuel in the tank.

Correction: He is just looking for an excuse to be alone with her.

Corrected entry: During one of the final scenes where Bond is wrecking Dr. No's uranium facility, he runs up on a small platform, grabs a random wheel and starts turning it frantically. The wheel is connected to an analog display that - in effect - shows that Bond is adjusting the danger level. What sort of facility would have a control that increases the danger level?

Correction: The wheel controls the reactor rods. The marking is to let the operators know that they have inserted the rods too far.

Corrected entry: When crawling in the pipes at Dr. No's, why is Bond's T-shirt torn? He was beaten up by the guards, but a T-shirt doesn't get torn sleeves from a guy getting beaten up.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: He could have torn it any number of ways, including while crawling in the pipes.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: In the film there isn't even one shot of Bond holding a Walther PPK. The only Walther shown is a larger PP-model, which also appears in the film's promotional photographs.

Correction: Differences between a promotional poster, or the books, and the movie are not movie mistakes. If in one shot he was using a PPK, and in the same action sequence he is using a different model, it's a mistake. As it is, Bond is trained on many weapons and can use different models if he wants.

Corrected entry: Why would Dr. No want to kill Bond by placing a tarantula in his bed? Tarantula bites, while painful, aren't usually fatal. A black widow or a brown recluse spider would have been a better choice, as both of those spiders' bites usually result in death or paralysis. (Black widow or brown recluse bites are rarely fatal to healthy adults. Any spider is a bad bet as a murder weapon.)

Correction: They were obviously hoping the shock of being bitten would be sufficient to kill him. Regardless, this is a character decision.

Andy Benham Premium member

Corrected entry: Bond shoots Professor Dent with a silencer on his gun. There's just one problem. The silencer is still in London. If you watch Bond's briefing, only the gun is out of its box, the silencer (presumably) is in the box, but it is never taken out. Bond then gives the box to Moneypenny before leaving.

Correction: Moneypenny noticed Bond's oversight and had the silencer delivered to the airport before he left London along with the background information that Q promised would be delivered to him at the airport.


Corrected entry: When Bond and Quarrel are shooting at the "Dragon", Quarrels gun is a revolver, which should be a six- shooter. Yet, he fires much more than 6 shots, without reloading. The PPK should also be 6 shots.

Correction: The 7.65 mm Walther PPK has a 7 round magazine.

Which doesn't address the problem that Quarell's revolver fires more than 6 shots.

Ssiscool Premium member

Revealing mistake: When James Bond has a spider on his arm, one can see he's under a glass plate, and the spider on top of the plate. (00:41:55)

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Question: Bond is very picky about having a martinti, shaken not stirred. If he drank a martini that was stirred, not shaken, would he be able to tell the difference?

Answer: Actually, yes, he would. The key to a vodka martini, Bond's preferred tipple, is that it should be served ice-cold. By shaking the drink, the ice cubes have a better chance to swish around the whole drink than they would if it was only stirred. It apparently also has the effect of dispersing the ingredients better, giving a different taste to the drink. In the spirit of scientific experimentation, some friends and I tried the drink both ways in a blind taste test a while back - it makes a surprising difference.

Tailkinker Premium member

If you shake it, it turns cloudy.

Answer: Shaking also causes more melting of the ice resulting in a milder, if watered down, taste suited to Bond's sophisticated palate.

Answer: We tried that as well on several times and on many various evenings. There is a serious difference.

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