Top Secret!
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Visible crew/equipment: In the "Straighten the Rug" dance scene, when Nick runs up the wall and does a backflip, it is clear that he is being held up by wires. The filmmakers did a good job rotoscoping the wires out against the wall, but when his legs pass behind the wires and harness, they have not been taken out at all and are visible. (Freeze-frame when he is completely upside down for the best view.). (01:07:10)

Garlonuss Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: The moment the cow goes away from the herd, we can see a boom mic moving up right behind the corner of the tower. (01:12:25)

Visible crew/equipment: As Nick jumps off the piano, the tip of the boom mike dips into the shot.

Movie Nut

Visible crew/equipment: When the "blind" spy is talking with the British agent, the lighting rigs are reflected in his shades a few times.

Movie Nut

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