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Continuity mistake: Chocolate Mousse and Deja Vu are playing darts on the plane at the end of the movie. In the next shot where Hillary is hugging her father, the darts change positions.


Top Secret! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Nick is singing "Spend This Night with Me", he brings up a girl from the audience. Watch the background. When it shows another girl from the audience, in the next shot, you can see a speaker that wasn't there before. Moreover, when he picks the girl, we can see that there isn't anyone at her left side. But a few seconds earlier she was sitting between two girls (the one at her left was wearing a white shirt).



Continuity mistake: When Nick races to the rescue on the motorbike, he first jumps over a barbed-wire fence in an open field. Then the shot changes to a road lined with trees (the Roadrunner Beeping scene), and then the background switches again to the open field as he swings the bike over a row of buses. Then the scene switches back to the road, to the truck with Hillary and Nigel.


Continuity mistake: When Hillary discovers the carrier pidgeons in Nigel's coat (and thereby his duplicity), she flings the coat to her right; but in the next shot, as the coat lands and spills the pidgeons, it was thrown in front of Hillary.


Continuity mistake: After the German car explodes, Nick, the Resistance and the Doctor hide around a dead tree. Du Quois is on the front and is stepped by Latrine the moment this one appears. A moment later, when Nick decides to go after Nigel and Hillary with the motorbike, Du Quois appears from the ground right behind all of them.


Top Secret! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the truck fight, we see Nick holding himself with the right hand on the truck. He reaches out with the left one (on which he then wears a ring) and then we see his hand switching the radio buttons. But this time it's his right hand, and happens to wear the ring again. After that, he pulls Nigel from the seat with the left arm (and the ring is gone again).


Top Secret! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Nick is first arrested, he is placed in a cell in which we see a blender with some accessories on a shelf and a ripped off picture of Cher on the wall. The blender remains there when he is taken to be tortured, but the photo of Cher is gone. After he is tortured, is thrown back in the cell but the blender, its accessories and the picture are gone. Seconds later, he stands up searching for a way to escape and we see the ripped off photo is back in place. As he enters through the ventilation duct, we see the photo falling down and leaning upside down against the wall.

00:31:35 - 00:36:35

Continuity mistake: During the fight on the truck, we see Nick's jacket sleeves covering his arms completely, till the wrists. Then, the shirt cuff comes out of the jacket as they fight for the gun and then gets back inside by itself.


Continuity mistake: During the motorbike chase scene, we can see how the light seems to be covered almost completely except for a horizontal strip in the middle. When Nick is about to jump to the truck and "surfs" on the motorbike, we can see the light is completely uncovered and only has some dirt on it.

01:20:40 - 01:21:15

Top Secret! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the whole movie, it seems that Nick's ring switches hands. It is specially clear during the motorbike and truck scene and when hands fight for the control of the radio.

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Continuity mistake: When Du Quois is opening the reinforced door at the power supply, we see his right hand standing right next to the wheel. The camera changes angle and suddenly it's much further down.


Top Secret! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Nick tries desperately to escape his prison cell through the ventilation conducts, his shirt gets unbuttoned and out of his trousers. When he appears in Doctor Flammond's room, his shirt is buttoned and tucked in his trousers again.


Top Secret! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Before assaulting the German prison, Chocolate Mousse asks Deja Vu how much time they have until the power is cut. Deja Vu says "three more minutes" as his watch marks 7:22. In the next shot, as he moves his hand with the extra-large watch back down, the watch is roughly at 7:17.


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Continuity mistake: The windows in the sedan with the British spy go from clear to black from the time it stops in the junk yard until it is put in the crusher.

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Nick Rivers: Hillary. That's an unusual name.
Hillary Flammond: It's a German name. It means 'she whose bosoms defy gravity'.
Nick Rivers: I'm pleased to meet you. My name's Nick.
Hillary Flammond: Nick? What does that mean?
Nick Rivers: Oh, nothing. My dad thought of it while he was shaving.



Chocolate Mousse and Deja Vu are playing darts on the plane at the end of the movie. In the next shot where Hillary is hugging her father, the darts change positions.



The soldiers bursting into the theater Prop Room are none other than the Zucker Bros. and Abrahams themselves.