It starts when an old man is driving in his car in the middle of the desert when he sees a dying man suddenly appear in front of him. He's ice cold and doesn't live at the hospital. All that was found on him was a cross-necklace with ITC on it. The only thing the man said was Castlegard.
A group of archeaologists are working in the ruins of La Roque. One of these archeaologists, the professor, goes missing for three days. Two others, Kate Ericson and Andre Merrick, go into a room in the ruins of a monastery and find an old document. When Josh Stern, a physacist, clears up the writing, Chris-professor's son-Kate and Merrick see the professor's handwriting pleaing for help. The three and Francois, their friend, go to ITC and Donneger-starter of ITC-tells them that the professor is back in 1357 Castlegard, France. The four and ITC employee Frank Gordon and his marine friends go back in time to find the professor and help the French to win the war against England.

Factual error: When the French are besieging the English Castle at night, their archers appear to be using longbows that were used exclusively by the Welsh and English in the hundred years war.

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Marek: I just delivered her to the French for safekeeping. How did the English get her?
Professor Johnston: It's history.
Marek: Then history will change.

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Trivia: Although the movie was almost a completely different story than the book, they did make reference to a scene in the book: when you see the guy in the beginning in the hospital, he has blood all over his face. The reason is because right before then he was talking about Quantum Foam and then went into convulsions, then started spewing up blood...gory, but a nice add in to let us know that the writers actually read the book.

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Question: Why is it that they aren't allowed to bring any modern weapons into the past? The grenade didn't seem to be affected. A simple air gun with tranquilizer darts would be enough just for protection.

Answer: Because you can never know what kind of influence the discovery of such a thing by the local people would have on any of those involved. The grenade was not supposed to get sent back, but since it exploded, not enough pieces are left for local people to wonder about them if ever they find some. That would not be the case for a full weapon.


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