The French are losing the war because of the Greek fire that the Professor promised Lord Oliver. Chris and Kate find the tunnel that leads to La Roque and ask for Arnout. It turns out that the tunnel is a dead end, but Arnout is still climbing up the tunnel. Marek sees that Lady Claire has been taken by the British and is determined to rescue her. He throws a torch on the greek fire because Claire was not released. Half of La Roque is blown apart and the tunnel opens up right when Arnout is about to kill Chris and Kate. The French win the war and Lord Oliver is stabbed by Arnout. The people who die are: Deckar, Frank Gordon, Gomez and Baretto, Francois, and Donniger. The people who get back are: Chris, Kate, and the Professor.Marek stays in 1357 with Lady Claire. In the future, Kate finds the sarcophagus in the beginning and Marek and Claire are the ones on it.


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