Brother Bear
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Trivia: During the film's opening number, pay attention to the shot when Kenai is riding the back of the mammoth, busting through the fishing net that his brothers are holding. If you look very closely, you'll see Nemo, from Finding Nemo, right there along the flying salmon. He's only in three short frames, so it helps if you pause the DVD and go frame by frame. (00:04:45)

Trivia: The cliff where Kenai is transformed into a bear is shaped like a bear's head.

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Trivia: When Kenai says "I don't care that you and Binky found the world's biggest pine cone ever" and Koda replies "First of all, it's not Binky, it's Bucky, and it wasn't a pine cone it was a pine nut" they are not saying the scripted lines. Joaquin Phoenix was supposed to say "Bucky" and "pine nut" but he got it wrong and Jeremy Suarez corrected him.

Trivia: In the German dub Rutt and Tuke are called Björn and Benny, after the two male members of Swedish ABBA. Many Germans tourist in Sweden to see moose.

Trivia: Originally the filmmakers planned to pair up Koda with an older bear named Grizz instead of Kenai. However, the only one working on the film who liked this idea was the director, so Grizz was removed from the film.

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