Scary Movie 3

Continuity mistake: When Brenda holds Tabitha back by the head when they fight, Brenda says "That's all" to her, and between shots, Brenda's arm moves from being beside her, with her fist clenched, to behind her, with her hand rested on her back, to beside of her with her fist clenched again.


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Continuity mistake: When George are giving Brenda mouth to mouth you see lipstick marks on Brenda's cheeks. Two cuts later the marks are gone.


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Scary Movie 3 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Cindy spots the pile of papers on Cody's desk you see the pile is disorderly. But in the next shot when she picks the pile up it is in perfect order.


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Continuity mistake: In the cellar scene, Cindy knocks over a jar of marbles and they all roll toward the center of the floor, along with some other items such as fruit. When it cuts to a wide shot of the carpet, there is only marbles; no more fruit on the carpet.


Continuity mistake: When Agent Thompson approach the president and ask "Mr.President, is everything alright?", you see Thompson standing straight up. When it cuts Agent Thompson is crouching in front of the president.


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Continuity mistake: When Brenda is switching off the TV you can see her pressing her finger on the far right side where the buttons are. However, there is no button where she put here finger. In fact the power switch is on the middle of the TV.


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Continuity mistake: When the 'hood' show up, just before the aliens appear, they all start having a fight. One of the men says 'Your Mama' and he is rolling up a cigarette by his face. But in the next shot, his hands are down by his side, and he's even acquired has a gun in one hand.


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Audio problem: When Cindy picks Cody up at school and they go outside, Cody says "Your period starts in three-two-one." However, it cuts right about when he says "two" and his lips are out of synch.


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Revealing mistake: When Mahalik is hitting Brenda, her panties fly off. You can see the panties fly straight up and to the left. The panties land on Brenda's grandmother who is standing on the right.


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Continuity mistake: When CJ and his gang arrive at the cornfields, CJ says "Let's go do this.." and you can see his gang behind him. Then in a wide shot he says "...Cause I'm hyped right now" and you can see the gang behind him again, but this time they are standing in different places.


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Continuity mistake: When Tabitha falls down the well Cindy, George and Cody is looking down after her. When it cuts to the water splashing up from the well George is holding Cody and covering his eyes.


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Continuity mistake: Right after Mahalik says to George he would do anything for him, CJ is looking at Mahalik quite shocked. When it cuts, CJ is looking at George.


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Continuity mistake: During her wedding, Cindy throws her flowers over her head and we see a group of women dive for them. However, in the next shot, the President emerges from the pile-on with the bouquet, even though he was not in the pile-on originally. (Regardless if the intention was to surprise the audience, this is still a continuity error.)


Continuity mistake: When the alien says goodbye to George, Cindy and Cody, you can see both Cody and Cindy holding their arms down. When it cuts, Cody has both his hands up waving at the alien and Cindy has one arm up waving.


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Continuity mistake: At the end when George is backing the car against Cody, watch Cody's hand and facial expression. They change remarkably during the three different shots of him.


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Scary Movie 3 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When George gets on the bus we can see a bus sign beside the mail box. Later when Sayaman pulls up to Tom's house, we can only see the mail box. The bus sign is gone.

00:09:15 - 00:27:05

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Continuity mistake: When Tom gets to his wife you see her smashed on the hood of the car but still not very close to the shield. When it cuts she literally lies onto the shield.


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Continuity mistake: Right after George comes with the statue of Jesus he turns around and turns the the light on as he walks. When it cuts to a closeup of the light switch he turns it on again.


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Scary Movie 3 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When we get to the presidents office there is a cup with golden edges on the table. A few cuts later the cup is switched with another cup.


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Continuity mistake: When Mahalik hands over the shovel to George you see him holding a shovel as well. But the way Mahalik is holding the shovel changes between the shots. First the handle points forwards and in the next shot the handle points backwards.


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George: Sue's teacher, Brenda. She's... She's dead.
Tom: Oh. I better tell her.
George: No, no, no. I can do it. Sue?
Sue: Yes?
George: You know your teacher, Miss Brenda?
Sue: Yeah.
George: She's dead!
Sue: Aah!
George: Gone forever! Died a horrible, painful death! Gone, gone, gone, just like your dog!
Sue: My dog's dead?
George: I just ran him over with the car when I drove in! Everyone you love around you is dying!



When Cindy and the rapper guy are fighting the Ring girl, the president walks in and says, "I just want to wish you both good luck. We're all counting on you." and then he walks out. This is a joke from "Airplane" where Leslie Nielsen is the doctor. He says the same line. The reason it is in the movie Scary Movie 3 is because the director of Airplane also directed this.