Scary Movie 3

Visible crew/equipment: Right after all the hoods have killed each other you see them all lying on the ground with smoke all around them. Have a closer look at the guy lying in a yellow shirt. You can see some smoke coming out of the pipe from the smoke machine right beside him.


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Visible crew/equipment: After Cindy and George are married, As the shot zooms in to the 'Just Married' sign, you can clearly see crew members reflected on the boot of the car.


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Scary Movie 3 mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the bus door closes on George's head you can see a big white board where Tom should be standing reflected in the bus window.


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Scary Movie 3 mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Pamela tries to close the refrigerator door you can see the reflection of the arm that pushes the door open in the window.


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Visible crew/equipment: When we get to the inquest of Brenda watch very carefully on the green car as the camera moves towards the house. You can see the camera man walking reflected in the car.


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Visible crew/equipment: Right before the UFOs arrive you can see the film crew reflected in the bodyguards sunglasses.


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Visible crew/equipment: When George exits the classroom some kid throws crayons after him. You can see the hand throwing them. Now, you can say that it is the kid's hand, but take in mind that from that angle Brenda would have seen the kid who threw them, so she wouldn't have had to ask them who threw them.


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Scary Movie 3 mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: You can see the wire attached to the puppet's right arm that is supposed to be Cody just before Cindy backs her car onto him.


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Visible crew/equipment: Right before the Rap Battle and George is talking to CJ and Mahalik. During the entire scene you can see a boom mike hovering over George for most of the time, it then moves over to CJ.


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George: Sue's teacher, Brenda. She's... She's dead.
Tom: Oh. I better tell her.
George: No, no, no. I can do it. Sue?
Sue: Yes?
George: You know your teacher, Miss Brenda?
Sue: Yeah.
George: She's dead!
Sue: Aah!
George: Gone forever! Died a horrible, painful death! Gone, gone, gone, just like your dog!
Sue: My dog's dead?
George: I just ran him over with the car when I drove in! Everyone you love around you is dying!



A quick mistake happens when Brenda and the girl crawling out of the TV get in a fight. Brenda throws the punch, the other girl falls over, and for a quick second her dress flies up too far and you can see where the makeup (that makes her look dead) on her legs end and you can see her real thigh.



When Cindy and the rapper guy are fighting the Ring girl, the president walks in and says, "I just want to wish you both good luck. We're all counting on you." and then he walks out. This is a joke from "Airplane" where Leslie Nielsen is the doctor. He says the same line. The reason it is in the movie Scary Movie 3 is because the director of Airplane also directed this.