Scary Movie 3

Other mistake: When Cindy is watching the tape for the first time and we look up the cellar stairs there are some coats hanging to the left. Later in the movie when Cindy is in the cellar she recognizes the stairs and realises she is in Tabitha's old family house. The same coats are still hanging there, in exactly the same places. Wouldn't Tom have thrown all the old stuff that belonged to Tabitha's family when he moved in? (00:36:00 - 01:06:25)

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Other mistake: When we first get to see Tom's house it is that there is nothing else than a corn field on the left side of the entrance to the house. Later when we see Tom running out of the house looking for Sue, trees and bushes suddenly appear on the left side instead of the corn field. Also the above shot of the house property later doesn't match what we've seen earlier. (00:03:50 - 00:04:35)

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Other mistake: In the scene where Tabitha comes out the TV, Brenda sits on the couch and eats some popcorn. Then she gets up and fights Tabitha, and for some reason, in one shot you can see a frying pan on the couch, where Brenda was sitting. (00:25:20)

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Scary Movie 3 mistake picture

Other mistake: When the Presient is chanting "Hey how are ya" to the native americans, in a wide shot you can see Wilson slap his face with embarrassment. Then it cuts to a closeup of Wilson, and he once again turns his head and slaps his face. (00:55:45)

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Other mistake: When Cindy slides the knife under the door she says that the aliens are hideous and gives a description of what they look like. When Mahalik comes crashing into the basement, George says, "There's two of them at the door." Cindy never said how many were there she just said what they looked like so George couldn't have known how many aliens were at the door. (01:01:40 - 01:02:40)

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George: Sue's teacher, Brenda. She's... She's dead.
Tom: Oh. I better tell her.
George: No, no, no. I can do it. Sue?
Sue: Yes?
George: You know your teacher, Miss Brenda?
Sue: Yeah.
George: She's dead!
Sue: Aah!
George: Gone forever! Died a horrible, painful death! Gone, gone, gone, just like your dog!
Sue: My dog's dead?
George: I just ran him over with the car when I drove in! Everyone you love around you is dying!



A quick mistake happens when Brenda and the girl crawling out of the TV get in a fight. Brenda throws the punch, the other girl falls over, and for a quick second her dress flies up too far and you can see where the makeup (that makes her look dead) on her legs end and you can see her real thigh.



When Cindy and the rapper guy are fighting the Ring girl, the president walks in and says, "I just want to wish you both good luck. We're all counting on you." and then he walks out. This is a joke from "Airplane" where Leslie Nielsen is the doctor. He says the same line. The reason it is in the movie Scary Movie 3 is because the director of Airplane also directed this.