Scary Movie 3

Corrected entry: When the alien kicks George in his crotch, you see George bending over putting his hand on his knee. When it cuts, he has his hand on his crotch. (01:10:30)

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Correction: If you watch carefully, when the alien kicks George, his right hand goes to his crotch, not his knee, his left hand to his mid-thigh, then knee. After the cut, his right hand is still in place at his crotch.

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Corrected entry: When Cindy gets back from the Oracle's house she answers the phone for Cody and he says "Six days now, right?" If it is the same night it should still be 7 days. (00:44:15)

Correction: 6 days is correct. There are 6 days and 7 nights left.

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Corrected entry: In the trailer, there is a rather humorous exchange between the Oracle and Orpheus, when Orpheus is seated in a chair talking to Cindy. The Oracle is holding a frying pan and asks 'What are you still doing here?' to Orpheus. This scene isn't even in the movie.

Correction: Trailers are invariably created before the final cut of the film is locked in. As such, alternate takes and deleted scenes routinely appear in them. This is not considered an error.

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Corrected entry: When the president pees out of his finger you can see the device that is making the pee come out on the middle of his finger.

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Correction: No device can be seen.

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Corrected entry: When George is thrown out the window the second time,at Brenda's wake, play it in slow motion and you can see it's a a stunt double.

Correction: If you have to use slow motion to see this, it is not valid as a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When the black dude passes the shovel to the other guy, it hits Cody. But if you put that in slow motion, you will see that Cody moves his head without getting hit first.

Correction: If you have to watch it in slow motion to see it, then it is not really a valid mistake.

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Corrected entry: When the aliens are standing outside of the door and Cindy sets the knife under the door to see the aliens it is dark outside but when they go out to fight the aliens its is midday.


Correction: No. They're just in a darkened area. Daylight can be seen through the window numerous times in this scene, and light shines down through the coal shute when Mahalik arrives.

Corrected entry: When the aliens are describing how they pee, and the shot cuts to the president, when his right hand is at his side, you can see the small black container in his hand which he squeezes on to pee out of a second later. (01:06:05)

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Correction: That was his finger.

Corrected entry: At the wedding, Brenda changes her expression several times between shots when she's supposed to be dead.


Correction: This is added for comedic reason and is not a mistake whatsoever.

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Corrected entry: When the marbles spill into one spot on the rug, there are also apples, oranges, and a watermelon that go to that spot. However, when Cindy pulls back the rug, only marbles are there.

Correction: They added this for comedic reasons.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Georges goes to Cindy's house to babysit Cody, Cody gets propelled outside through the window, which breaks. In the next shot the window is intact. (00:39:40)

Correction: The window we see in the next shot is not the same window. We are looking at the window behind George, not the one Cody flew through. Much later there is a shot of the window and this time it is intact. But by this time they have changed the broken window.

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Corrected entry: Just after Cindy picks up Cody from school and talks with Brenda, you can see when she asks if he's feeling alright that they are near a parked car on the right side of the road. We can see its tailights, so we know what direction it is facing. However, when Cindy is driving, she is driving on the left side of the road, and all the cars parked on the side of the road are also facing the same direction. The scene has obviously been mirrored. (00:12:15)

Correction: Right before Cody is hit by Cindy we can see the cars are parked in the same direction on both sides of the road.

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Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning with Pam Anderson, she answers the phone and the power goes out disconnecting her with her mom on the phone. Considering that the power just went out, a few things didn't happen, like the light on the phone charger, it never went out the whole time the lights flickered and when she is walking over to close the fridge door, you can see the microwave in the background reading 10:20 instead of blinking 12:00. Also the phone rings at exactly 10:00 but on the microwave it says 10:20. Most people don't take 20 minutes to walk down a hall, let alone have a phone ring for a whole 20 minutes either.

Correction: Since it is not a direct camera change, some time COULD have passed. The same thing happens when she throws the shirt on the bird/is buttoning up. Plus, my microwave doesn't reset to zero on short power-outages. Perhaps she had one like mine, it's possible.

Corrected entry: When the police sheriff is talking to Tom near the start of the movie, her hat rim is much smaller when she walks down the stairs than it is when she gets in her car.

Correction: The brim of the hat gets larger and larger as the scene goes on for comedic purposes.

Corrected entry: I know this is probably to follow the plot line (George being the KKK person) but when he walks into the rap pit his jacket is blue with a white hood, and then when he is up ready to rap it is a completely white jacket.

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Correction: George is wearing 2 jackets. The white one with the hood and another blue one over the top. He took the blue one off.

Corrected entry: When Cindy first watches the tape, it shows the woman in it wearing a white dress. She also only looks in the mirror. When the Oracle watches it, the woman is wearing a black dress and she looks at them through the screen.

Correction: I do not think this is a mistake. I think that this was to show that the girl in the tape is real, and she can do whatever she wants to do (like change her clothes).

Corrected entry: When Cindy is talking to Brenda at the elementary school Brenda's hair is really short, and in some scenes you can see it pulled back, in some you can't, but every other part of the movie she has really long braided hair.

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Correction: It is most likely that the long braided hair is from hair extentions, which are commonly used today.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the killer is trying to tell Cody "Seven days" the killer has Cindy leave a message. When she starts writing she is obviously writing something small and in the top right-hand corner but when she picks it up and looks at it the writing is in big letters and in the center of the page.

Correction: If Cindy writes something big in the centre of the paper then it would not be funny, we are supposed to think she is writing a long message but of course she is really writing "seven days", that's what makes it funny.

Corrected entry: At the black woman's funeral, when you first see her, her face is twisted, but then when Cindy and the two guys are having a conversation her face is normal with her eyes shut. The black woman's face turns back to twisted shortly afterwards and at the end of the film.

Correction: When Cindy sees her twisted face, she puts it back to look normal. Then her face is twisted again because of the explosion.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the kid gets run over, the car is driving on a straight road however when the bus hits him it comes from the side but there is no road there.

Correction: when the van is backing up you can see the corner of an intersection right before it stops.

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Revealing mistake: A quick mistake happens when Brenda and the girl crawling out of the TV get in a fight. Brenda throws the punch, the other girl falls over, and for a quick second her dress flies up too far and you can see where the makeup (that makes her look dead) on her legs end and you can see her real thigh. (00:25:15)

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George: Sue's teacher, Brenda. She's... She's dead.
Tom: Oh. I better tell her.
George: No, no, no. I can do it. Sue?
Sue: Yes?
George: You know your teacher, Miss Brenda?
Sue: Yeah.
George: She's dead!
Sue: Aah!
George: Gone forever! Died a horrible, painful death! Gone, gone, gone, just like your dog!
Sue: My dog's dead?
George: I just ran him over with the car when I drove in! Everyone you love around you is dying!

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Trivia: When Cindy and the rapper guy are fighting the Ring girl, the president walks in and says, "I just want to wish you both good luck. We're all counting on you." and then he walks out. This is a joke from "Airplane" where Leslie Nielsen is the doctor. He says the same line. The reason it is in the movie Scary Movie 3 is because the director of Airplane also directed this.

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