Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

2 factual errors - chronological order

Factual error: When Frances arrives in Cortona. prices in the market are all expressed in Lira (we cleary see 6.000/kg for some vegetables). But after a while she passes close to a newspaper stand which exposes the poster of the satirical magazine "Il Vernacoliere". That poster dates November 2002. By that time the Lira had been replaced by the Euro.

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Factual error: When Frances' friend Patti is close to give birth to her daughter, Frances says "Florence is one hour from here". Actually, Florence would be two hours and something from there. And anyway, there are several hospitals closer to Cortona. (Frances and Patti are not related even though Frances, at the 1 year Freedom celebration dinner at the beginning,announces that she is "going to be an auntie." In the scene where Frances calls Marcello to tell him she can't meet him, says tells Patti, "I want to spend time with my creepy American friend.")

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