Die Hard

Corrected entry: McClane uses the terrorist's radio to talk to the police. It's very unlikely that they would all be using radios that could transmit on the same frequencies.

Correction: Perhaps the terrorists were using Citizen's Band (CB) Radio. Recall that Bruce Willis announced on the radio to any police monitoring CB channel 9. In America, that channel is monitored by police for private citizens reporting emergencies. For that matter, the stupid woman on the other end threatens him if he does not stop transmitting: that is what the channel is for - reporting emergencies!

Corrected entry: Towards the beginning of the film, John enters Nakatomi Plaza and finds Holly's name on the computer so the guard can tell him where she's located in the building. After John does this, the guard tells him that she's on the 30th floor and that there's no one else left in the building. Now, why couldn't he have just told him that the party was on the 30th floor and saved him the trouble of playing with the computer?

Correction: This is a list of people who are currently checked into the building, so obviously the guard is having him check if Holly is actually there at all, not to see where she is.

Corrected entry: It seems to me that alerting the enemy to his presence with the "ho ho ho" stunt was a pretty stupid thing to do and not what a trained officer would do. Without this, the terrorists may have believed that the new fire alarm system had malfunctioned but this made it clear that he was there.

Correction: Even if they did think that initially, when the terrorist didn't return, suspicions would have been raised.

Corrected entry: There are actually 13 terrorists, though at more than one point it's said that there are 12.

Correction: But one of them's the computer expert, who's never seen by any other of the principal good guys.

Actually, the limo driver sees the computer expert in the parking garage, where he's disguised as a paramedic and is preparing an ambulance for the terrorists' getaway.

Corrected entry: The police call in the FBI hostage situation experts, who cut power to the building, then call in two armed helicopters. How is this likely to help the situation? Cutting the power would do little to keep hostages alive and would be likely to cause anger among the terrorists and confusion among both the terrorists and hostages - two things that are most likely to get hostages killed. The police were also well aware that the terrorists were armed with rockets most likely capable of taking down a helicopter.

Correction: But they were expecting the terrorists to think the helicopters were there to transport them, not kill them - why would they shoot down their own transports?

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Continuity mistake: When the terrorists launch the rocket at the RV, they break the same window of the building twice. (01:11:55)

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John McClane: A hundred million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.

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Trivia: During filming, Alan Rickman was found proficient at mimicking American accents; the scene in which McClane and Hans Gruber meet was then inserted.

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