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Corrected entry: Willis loads a clip into the grip and then pulls the slide back to supposedly chamber a round before handing the weapon to Rickman. The problem: When you pull the slide back on the Beretta when the clip is empty, the slide locks in the open position unless another switch is tripped. Willis did not do so and Rickman's character, a sophisticated terrorist, would clearly have realised the weapon was not loaded. (01:30:15)

Correction: I know that if the clip is empty the slide does lock back, but by moving your thumb slightly you can release the slide, making it look as though the weapon is ready to shoot.

Corrected entry: I can't understand why it takes ages for the police to find out that there really are a certain amount of hostages, who were having a Christmas party? There must be hundreds of relatives and friends who would have called the police, some of them even come in person to the scene and confirm McClane's information as correct after the newsbreak.


Correction: Not much time passes between the partygoers being taken hostage and the police finding out. Certainly not enough time for anyone to have decide that their loved one should be home by now and called the police. It was a party after all, and people sometimes come home late from parties.


Corrected entry: In the begining of the film when John is in the limo, there's a teddy bear next to him in the back seat that has a red bow around his neck, however, in next scene, the bow is gone, and the next it magically appears.

Correction: We only see the bear in the back seat one time and the red bow is present. More importantly, McClane sits up front, to the surprise of the driver.


Corrected entry: After killing the first terrorist, John tries on his shoes and finds that they are too small. Why after killing the others does he not try on their shoes as well?

Correction: When he kills the other terrorists he doesn't have time to try on their shoes: when he kills Heinrich and Marco he is trying to get Al's attention; when he kills Karl's two buddies (kneecapping one of them) he is being shot at; when he 'kills' Karl he has to stop the hostages being blown up; when he kills the Chinese guy he is again trying to save the hostages; and after he kills Hans and his buddy at the end there isn't much point.

Corrected entry: There are actually 13 terrorists, though at more than one point it's said that there are 12.

Correction: But one of them's the computer expert, who's never seen by any other of the principal good guys.

Actually, the limo driver sees the computer expert in the parking garage, where he's disguised as a paramedic and is preparing an ambulance for the terrorists' getaway.

The limo driver isn't one of the principal good guys.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman meet. Rickman poses as an American employee of Nakatomi who escaped the terrorist siege of the building. Willis hands Rickman a Model 92F Beretta 9mm handgun implying that Rickman might help Willis fight the terrorists. Rickman then turns it on Willis. The problem: The 92F Beretta is the civilian/police model of the current U.S. military and NATO sidearm -- the M9 Beretta. There is a bright red visible indicator on the right side of the slide that reveals whether the weapon is loaded or not. Any European terrorist of Rickman's sort would be well familiar with that fact and would not have been fooled into thinking the weapon was loaded when it was not.

Correction: Not so - a US Army civilian policeman got in touch and said, with his gun in front of him, that there's no indicator, red or otherwise, on either side of his Berretta 92F. Some models may have such an indicator, but not all. Also, when empty, the slide does lock back, but by moving the thumb of your right just slightly you can release the slide thereby leaving the weapon in an apparently ready to shoot mode.

Corrected entry: McClane uses the festive holiday tape that was used to wrap gifts to tape his pistol to his upper back before the big finale. Considering how much blood, grime and sweat McClane had on him, that tape would never have stuck to his skin, especially considering that it is only wrapping tape, not some kind of industrial tape like duct tape or anything stronger.

Correction: It would take no time at all to wipe off his back where he's taping the gun.

Correction: I'd add that the position of the gun on his back would be very awkward for a person to place there themselves. It's almost in the middle slightly below the shoulderblades...an almost impossible place to reach unless you're double jointed. And he is NOT Martin Riggs or Riddick.

Almost impossible, in your opinion, doesn't count as a mistake. Being double jointed wouldn't make a difference. Also, neither Martin Riggs or Riddick are double jointed, they can dislocate their shoulders.

Corrected entry: The whole premise of the movie is to rob a very large vault of securities in the form of bearer bonds. The vault rightly takes hours to breach and the last safety feature requires a cut in power. This is patently impossible to accomplish in the short time they had. Firstly, that super-sophisticated vault would have a state-of-art power back-up system that would take hours itself to be disabled. It is likely that the disabling of THAT system would lock down the vault and seal it for days or weeks. Secondly, shutting down the main power would almost certainly lock down the vault. I actually install the back-up systems and know that any odd power surges or especially power losses alert the security systems to prepare a lock down.

Correction: Just because some vaults are set up in this way, it doesn't follow that they all are. Gruber researched his target in enormous detail prior to committing the robbery - it's clear from what happens in the film that none of these features are in place. Maybe, for improved security, they should have been, but the fact that they weren't in no way qualifies as a movie mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the terrorist breaks into the candy rack, he reaches his hand into a box marked Nestle and later he is eating a Hershey bar. Then in the next shot he is eating a different type of candy bar.

Correction: He takes a Nestle Crunch bar from the box. The first time he's shown after that he's eating that bar (torn blue wrapper with "Nestle CRU" printed on it. A short time passes and we see a very brief shot of him holding a Mars bar wrapper. Might be a mistake, but he's right by the candy stall and there's enough time for him to have grabbed a second bar.

Correction: He's actually also eating a Mars Bar (just Google "Die Hard Mars Bar" sans quotation marks and you'll see images and video of the scene) but he could potentially have eaten both candy bars. No correction needed.

Correction: He was eating a Nestle Crunch bar the whole time.

Corrected entry: When John is on the roof trying to radio for help he connects with a woman from an emergency help line, why does the woman not believe him when he tells her about the huge emergency? Not in a million years would a person from the emergency help line not believe you when you call them with an emergency, even if it sounded like a child making a prank call ordering a fire-truck to his friend's house and they could hear the child giggling while he's saying it, they would still have to send someone out. John is screaming at the woman for help and she still doesn't believe him.

dan coakley..

Correction: As the other dispatcher stated at the beginning of the call, it came from the same building as the "false fire alarm." It got called off by the terrorists so the dispatchers believe it is a prank call. As far as they're concerned it's already been confirmed that there's no problem there.


There is another factor not being considered here: if memory serves, John is not on "911" but on the police band. Half of her stubbornness is telling this crazy civilian to get off this restricted channel.

I agree with the original poster. Prank or not, there was automatic weapon fire that caused her ears to ring, you would think that she would do something other than call for a 'black and white to do a drive-by'.

Correction: There HAVE been cases of emergency service operators not believing callers. There was one infamous case in NYC where a woman who had fallen ill died because the operator didn't believe her young son who called. And another when a kid called 911 from the school bus because the driver smelled of alcohol, was speeding, and blowing through several red lights while cursing the kids, who were begging her to stop. During the entire call, the operator seemed extremely skeptical of the report, and when the police finally caught up with the bus and arrested the driver, the operator was surprised and told the officer on the scene that she had "really hoped the kid was lying." So, while unprofessional, it happens. The wouldn't blow off the call the entirely, but they might assign it a lower priority. The most egregious cases have resulted in disciplinary action, including firing, and lawsuits.

Corrected entry: The C-4 explosive would need an electrical charge to cause the explosion. The chair and computer monitor or fall wouldn't cause the C-4 to detonate.

Correction: McClane pushes in detonators/ blasting caps to the C4 before lashing it on the computer monitor and office chair. Detonators have 'primary-explosives' within them that are much more sensitive than 'secondary' explosives 'like C4, which are less sensitive and rely on a 'shock wave' from a primary explosive to initiate or set it off. Primary explosives are susceptible to detonation by physical shock also. When the monitor and chair crashed onto the lift below, the weight of the monitor acted onto the detonator much like a hammer of a firearm will onto the firing cap of a bullet, setting it off and providing the shock impulse to detonate the main charge, that is the C4.

I would agree with this and also add that the CRT monitor attached to the chair was previously plugged in. This means that the tube in the monitor and the capacitors would still hold a charge. The amount of blasting caps put into the C4, combined with the electrical charge still contained in the now-smashed monitor, would give a chance of at least one of the blasting caps detonating.

Correction: The Computer CRT on the chair has a vacuum tube and "cathode-ray" projection system that provides the television picture. These are known to explode when ruptured. I was also in the military in the 1976-1983. (USAF Security Police) Just for grins and giggles, a buddy of mine got hold of some detonators. We took them and an old CRT out on the range and tied them together. We shot the CRT, it exploded and detonated all of the blasting caps.

Corrected entry: Hans and most of his men arrive on the 30th floor party and begin firing. Upon hearing the shots, McClane grabs his gun and is able to sneak into the nearest stairwell and climb up a few flights of stairs (he checks and passes the 31st floor, where a few more of Hans' men are spotted wheeling supplies) before finally arriving at the 32nd floor to begin seeking help. For essentially the remainder of the movie, McClane remains "above the danger zone", so to speak. However, it is fair to theorize that when McClane initially reached the stairwell undetected, he could have also descended to any number of other floors to then seek help. Even if many of the lower floors may not have been open (locked, not finished, etc.), McClane could have simply descended as far down as the main lobby (and out the front doors). Remember, Hans and his men were not aware of a straggler at first, and in theory all McClane would have had to do is descend the stairs to the main floor and get past the lone terrorist acting as the "security guard" at the desk.

Correction: To what point though? That would work if McClane is trying to escape. But he's not. He's trying to stop the terrorist and talking to the police on the radio. His wife is in the building. He's not wanting to get out, he's wanting to save her and stop the terrorist.

Quantom X Premium member

That is correct, but you were thinking too far ahead. For the first few moments, John is simply trying to summon help (which is evidenced by him pulling the fire alarm and hoping that proper authorities arrive), and take care of it from there. He only started doing that after he found that he could not get past Hans and his men - because they were already aware of his existence. In one frame of thinking, it may have been easier to get the help needed for both his wife and everybody else if he just could escape the building all together, which he may have had a good chance of doing if he went down the stairs toward the first floor.

So the character made, in your opinion, a poor choice. This does not constitute a mistake.

It would have been a pretty pointless movie though wouldn't it?

Corrected entry: German does not seem to be any of the terrorists mother tongue - they all have a terrible accent and sometimes what they are saying does not make any sense. E.g. when the terrorists hunt Bruce Willis on the roof and he escapes into the elevator shaft, one of the terrorists uses his CB-radio and says something like: "Wir sind im Heizenhaus, unter dem Dach". The word Heizenhaus does not exist. If you change it into "Heizhaus" it would translate into "boiler room" - a room that is not normally located right under the roof, is it?

Correction: When is it established that the terrorists are all German? We assume their leader Hans is, but that doesn't mean all of his men are. (We know some are American, for example.) The person speaking has poor spoken German. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Argyle rams his limo into Theo, the limo and ambulance are pinned so the front of the limo is well in front of the ambulance door. However, when Argyle gets out and punches Theo through the window, he's standing where the limo should be, and not standing on top of it.


Correction: When Argyle rams the ambulance, the limo's front left corner hits the front left corner of the van at about a 40 degree angle. The angle of the two vehicles leaves a wedge-shaped gap. Argyle over the limo's bumper, but you only see his body as he goes over, not the car.

There is no gap big enough for Argyle to stand as he is based on the previous scene.


Just watched this scene, the limo gets stuck on the ambulance's front tire, and covers at most half of the driver side door. While Argyle does seem to have more room than he should, he does stand at the rear of the door where he would be able to do so without standing on the limo.

Except we see him jump (over the limo) and lands a bit before where the mirror and the small triangle glass part of the window is, which is the front part of the door and sits over the wheel well where the limo is.


Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis is fighting the first terrorist, they both crash into a stairwell door and the door breaks off it's hinges and falls on the stairs. The floor was under construction but the door is obviously attached. I find it hard to believe that two people crashing into a office building door of that type would be enough force to break it off the hinges.

Correction: This is an action movie, people crashing into a door and breaking it off its hinges is perfectly in keeping with the genre.


Corrected entry: McClane sends the elevator down to the 30th floor with Tony's body in it and gets on top of the elevator. The terrorists are there, standing about, discussing the body and that they must now tell Karl that his brother is dead. Why would they then press the button for the 32nd floor (the top floor) without getting in? That happens only so that Bruce Willis can get to the roof for the next scene.

Correction: I've seen the scene and not sure why you think the terrorist didn't get in the elevator. They were told by Hans to hide the body, which explains why they went up.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Richard Thornberg is trying to interview John and Holly. Holly socks him in his nose and he is grabbing it in pain. The next shot, as John and Holly enter the limo, he is talking to a camera normally as if nothing happened, then the next shot, he is suddenly holding his nose again.

Correction: If you look closely he is holding his hands up while somebody checks his nose.

Corrected entry: When Hans is asking for Mr Takagi his shirt is white, yet when they go in the lift Hans' shirt is light blue. (00:26:30)

Correction: If you look closely, you can see that the shirt is light blue all the time. The lighting just makes it look white occasionally.

Corrected entry: What the hell happened to the cut on Al's head? He is seen being tended for a nasty head gash by an ambulance man, but this is the first and last time he is seen wounded. No cut, no bandage, nothing from that point onwards. (01:01:30)

Correction: There is no cut, it is the blood from the terrorist that fell on Al's car. And also the guy who wipes the blood asks if it is his own and Al says no.

Corrected entry: As Al is leaving Nakatomi Plaza having just investigated the building McClane gets his attention first by throwing a terrorist he just killed onto the car then firing at it. However, during this sequence McClane stops firing and shouts "Welcome to the party pal". But when he delivers the line you can still hear the sound of the gun firing even though it is very obviously not being fired. (00:58:00)

Correction: It's a terrorist firing at Al, not McClane (check the over-the-shoulder shot when the gunfire starts, specifically the type of gun being used) - when the car's reversing we see gunfire coming from the fifth floor or so, far lower than John is. Plus he's just thrown a dead body on the car - how much more attention does he need to get? Even beyond that, there's no way he'd shoot directly at a fellow police officer - he could get just as much attention by firing a safe distance away.

Continuity mistake: When Hans takes Holly hostage, as she is sitting on the floor talking to Hans, as the camera goes from him to her, each time Holly's shirt is unbuttoned and open more so her bra and boobs are revealed.


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John McClane: Oh, you're in charge. Well, I got news for you, Dwayne. From up here, it doesn't look like you're in charge of jack shit.
Dwayne Robinson: You listen to me, you little asshole.
John McClane: Asshole"? I'm not the one who just got butt-fucked on national TV, *Dwayne*.

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Question: Can someone please explain the scene where McClane and Hans are alone near the roof. Hans says his name is "Bill Clay" and the camera zooms in on a board with the name Clay on it. What is the significance of this? Does this give Hans away? And if so how?

Answer: No, this doesn't give Hans away - the zoom represents McClane checking the board out - getting proof that there is indeed a person in the building with that name (listed as W. Clay, for William). Hans has obviously done his homework, but McClane doesn't trust him anyway, hence the trick with the empty gun.

Tailkinker Premium member

The zoom to the board occurs before McClane turns around to glance at it. Most likely Gruber was improvising here - he heeded a name, scanned the board quickly and picked one off it.

He doesn't turn - the name board is just behind Hans to his left, in John's direct eyeline.

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