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Corrected entry: When McClane confronts Hans and Eddie in the vault, he shoots Hans and Eddie in quick succession with his 9mm handgun. One problem, a 9mm round wouldn't go straight through someone even at close range, so where did the bullet hole in the window behind Hans appear from?

Correction: This is opinion, not fact, and is highly disputable. If a 9mm round did not hit bone it could easily penetrate a human body. Since the bullet was taken from an assault rifle it could be an armour piercing round, for instance, in which case Han's body wouldn't even slow it down. There are dozens of explanations - only one of then is needed.

Corrected entry: During the scene where agents Johnson and Johnson are flying in the helicopters, they are obviously flying in an AH-64 apache helicopter type of gunship. However when the terrorists blow up the Nakotomi roof top and one of the helicopters explodes, the helicopter used in that scene is noticably different, more like a Bell Huey type chopper.

Correction: At no stage are they seen in anything but a Bell UH-1 Huey helicopter. There are no Apache helicopters in this film.

Corrected entry: John McClane opens the elevator doors and uses an axe to hold them open. Then he ties C4 explosives to a chair, uses a computer to hold it in place and pushes the makeshift bomb down the shaft. The explosion is so powerful that it takes out a good part of the torso of the building, but when the fireball gets to John the axe remains in place when it should have been blown away. (01:13:25)

Correction: Not necessarily. It would depend on how hard John wedged the axe in place. Also, the fireball would lose strength as it climbed, so the force at John's level was not as nearly as powerful as the force of the blast at the bottom.


Corrected entry: German does not seem to be any of the terrorists mother tongue - they all have a terrible accent and sometimes what they are saying does not make any sense. E.g. when the terrorists hunt Bruce Willis on the roof and he escapes into the elevator shaft, one of the terrorists uses his CB-radio and says something like: "Wir sind im Heizenhaus, unter dem Dach". The word Heizenhaus does not exist. If you change it into "Heizhaus" it would translate into "boiler room" - a room that is not normally located right under the roof, is it?

Correction: When is it established that the terrorists are all German? We assume their leader Hans is, but that doesn't mean all of his men are. (We know some are American, for example.) The person speaking has poor spoken German. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Hans is asking for Mr Takagi his shirt is white, yet when they go in the lift Hans' shirt is light blue. (00:26:30)

Correction: If you look closely, you can see that the shirt is light blue all the time. The lighting just makes it look white occasionally.

Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis is fighting the first terrorist, they both crash into a stairwell door and the door breaks off it's hinges and falls on the stairs. The floor was under construction but the door is obviously attached. I find it hard to believe that two people crashing into a office building door of that type would be enough force to break it off the hinges.

Correction: This is an action movie, people crashing into a door and breaking it off its hinges is perfectly in keeping with the genre.


Corrected entry: Any glass in modern office buildings is tempered glass. This kind of glass breaks into tiny, rounded pieces with semi-smooth edges. If you were careful you could easily walk on it without injury. John should not have had splinters of glass in his feet.

Correction: Not all the glass on the floor is from the windows. Some is from the computer screens and copiers that Karl and Hans smash up along with the windows. Besides this, McClane did not exactly have the time to be careful, since he was trying to get to a place of safety while making sure there were no criminals still around who would shoot him.


Corrected entry: The black police officer keeps giving information about the police activities to McClane over the same frequency that he knows the terrorists are using. I also doubt he would be allowed to just use the police radio for chit-chat in such a situation.

Correction: The officer could argue McClane is someone 'on the inside' - i.e. someone who knows the situation well and can be trusted. As for the frequency, the radio may be designed to transmit on several frequencies - the frequency that the Police use will almost certainly be one (in case of emergencies).

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Corrected entry: After the police scanner broadcasts the shooting at Nakatomi Plaza, reporter Richard Thornburg starts begging the station producer/director for a van and cameraman. This is as the evening news is about to go on the air. The floor manager is counting down, "We are on the air in, four, three, two, one...." as he is giving the hand signals to the news anchors. On a real television set, the verbal count would end at three and the mikes would go live. In this case, the floor managers "two, one" and all other words spoken after "three" would be heard by the "at home" audience. (00:58:45)

Correction: This is a simple character error. The person doing the countdown was in a rush and made a simple human error that anybody could do. Not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis throws the C4 (stuck with a chair and a computer screen) down the elevator shaft, the C4 explodes. C4 is very manageable and won't explode through physical force; even a bullet won't make it detonate. You'd need the blaster caps or some other explosion to set the C4 off. For more info on C4, read this: http://science.howstuffworks.com/c-42.htm.

Correction: My understanding of the scene was the monitor was there to ad weight to the chair and keep the C4 in place. The detonators set off the C4, not the computer monitor.


Corrected entry: Willis loads a clip into the grip and then pulls the slide back to supposedly chamber a round before handing the weapon to Rickman. The problem: When you pull the slide back on the Beretta when the clip is empty, the slide locks in the open position unless another switch is tripped. Willis did not do so and Rickman's character, a sophisticated terrorist, would clearly have realised the weapon was not loaded. (01:30:15)

Correction: I know that if the clip is empty the slide does lock back, but by moving your thumb slightly you can release the slide, making it look as though the weapon is ready to shoot.

Corrected entry: What the hell happened to the cut on Al's head? He is seen being tended for a nasty head gash by an ambulance man, but this is the first and last time he is seen wounded. No cut, no bandage, nothing from that point onwards. (01:01:30)

Correction: There is no cut, it is the blood from the terrorist that fell on Al's car. And also the guy who wipes the blood asks if it is his own and Al says no.

Corrected entry: After Hans has initially introduced himself to the frightened Nakatomi employees, he proceeds to use his well-researched facts to identify Mr. Takagi in person. Surely with this much research, he could have also obtained a recent photograph of the chairman of the Nakatomi Corporation to save time.

Correction: He (or they) knew who Takagi was. Thats why Karl was conveniently standing right next to him when he revealed himself, to take him away. The point of the whole scene was to prove that they are not just simple hostage takers and that they are well organised and prepared.


Corrected entry: When Hans, Theo, Karl and Takagi come to Takagi's office, Hans quotes that when 'Alexander the Great saw the size of his realm, he wept, for there was nothing left to conquer.' Actually, he did weep because he couldn't conquer more - but only because his men refused to go any further (they were homesick); and reluctantly, Alexander had to turn back.

Correction: Hans is quoting Plutarch. Whether the quote is actually true doesn't matter - this is not a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: As Al is leaving Nakatomi Plaza having just investigated the building McClane gets his attention first by throwing a terrorist he just killed onto the car then firing at it. However, during this sequence McClane stops firing and shouts "Welcome to the party pal". But when he delivers the line you can still hear the sound of the gun firing even though it is very obviously not being fired. (00:58:00)

Correction: It's a terrorist firing at Al, not McClane (check the over-the-shoulder shot when the gunfire starts, specifically the type of gun being used) - when the car's reversing we see gunfire coming from the fifth floor or so, far lower than John is. Plus he's just thrown a dead body on the car - how much more attention does he need to get? Even beyond that, there's no way he'd shoot directly at a fellow police officer - he could get just as much attention by firing a safe distance away.

Corrected entry: Why does the blonde terrorist not understand Alan Rickman when he tells him to shoot the glass in German, but understands in English? Even assuming (as seems likely) that he just didn't hear him properly or else couldn't believe what he'd just heard, why would repeating himself in English make more sense, what with them being German?

Correction: It could be because when he says it in German, he says, "Shoot the window". The terrorist may have been confused and then he had to say glass to to him, but he chose to say it in English.

It could also be that he didn't understand the order. Honestly, under very few circumstances is an order to "shoot the window" or "shoot the glass" going to provide an advantage.

Corrected entry: In the German version of the movie, Hans Gruber is called Jerry Gruber and it's never said that he is German.

Correction: As a matter of fact, the terrorists' entire background - and the names, with the exception of Theo - were altered in the German version. They were portrayed as radical Irish terrorists. Hans's name was changed to Jack, and Karl's was changed into its English equivalent, Charles (or rather, Charlie).

Corrected entry: Whenever he fires a gun, Alan Rickman's face is never seen. This is because he had an uncontrollable habit of flinching when the gun recoiled.

Correction: You can see Alan Rickman's face when he shoots Mr. Takagi and he does not flinch, however you do see the recoil effect of the shot on him.

Corrected entry: When Al gets his car shot up you hear him say "I'm at Nakatomi Plaza, I need back up assistance now." Later when Thornburg is listening on the police scanner we hear the same dialogue, only this time Al makes a comment about his car being turned into swiss cheese, which he didn't say originally. (00:55:10)

Correction: Al is on the police scanner still requesting for help. The reporter does not hear the replayed call for help, but an actual live call for help from Al as the reporter is listening to the scanner.

Corrected entry: McClane is sitting down and checking how many cigarettes he has left when the cops outside put on the searchlights. He's up on the 32nd floor (or similar) and is sitting below the windowsill, yet the light falls directly from above onto his cigarettes. (01:05:50)

Correction: The cigarettes are lit up by the powerful light, but it doesn't fall down on them directly. In the next shot McClain looks down the window and the light is coming from the ground (look at the shadows on his face).

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Continuity mistake: When the terrorists launch the rocket at the RV, they break the same window of the building twice. (01:11:55)

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John McClane: A hundred million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.

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Trivia: During filming, Alan Rickman was found proficient at mimicking American accents; the scene in which McClane and Hans Gruber meet was then inserted.

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